February Knitting: Man Socks

You know what they say about a man with big feet, right? That his socks take FOREVER to knit!

These socks were the marathon of sock knitting-- 11.5 inches from heel to toe plus the cuff. Imagine that you enjoy running (I do not). Now imagine the run taking much longer than you imagined and you've got to run in circles, sometimes jog backwards, run out of stamina, and then get to the end just to realize you have to repeat the entire course just to finish. Luckily for me, knitting allows breaks or stops altogether which is how I handled the original Man Socks, an overdue graduation gift.

Fast forward almost 2 years and usher in a blog post from the Yarn Harlot about "Finishitupitis" and I realized just how silly it was for me to leave those socks sad and unattended. With a bit of digging I was able to find the same yarn, same dye lot on Ravelry for a great price and committed them to the queue for February's knitting goals. Had I been able to imagine those socks would literally take up the entire month I probably would have bowed out in advance and left them in the box to collect dust. But with a goal in mind and a deserving boyfriend (he actually said his 1st pair of hand-knitted socks from me were his most favorite socks ever *sigh*) I settled in.

And then I was done with the Man Socks. And then I vowed not to leave easy project left undone. So I tied up loose ends in the Lusekofte Cap and conquered the kitchener stitch on my first ever pair of socks (also the only pair I've knitted for myself). SCORE! I have hand knitted socks now! And I should probably only ever knit big socks in self-striping yarn for entertainment purposes.

PS. Last week I stopped by my LYS for really big sock blockers and the employee scoffed when I asked if there was anything larger than size large, as if large would really accommodate his feet. Apparently large is the standard, and apparently that woman has never knitted socks for someone with big feet. Those socks are sagging about 2 inches past the toe of the blocker.


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