Favorite Food: Fresh Spring Rolls

It's a snow day here in Seattle so I'm at home doing some online trainings rather than sitting in the office. Lucky! This afforded me the chance to make one of my favorite foods for lunch: Fresh Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce.

These are quick, easy and fill my frequent craving for leafy greens and rice-based dishes. The varieties are limitless, though my preferred rolls typically include salad greens, sliced apple and avocado. Today I replaced the avocado with thinly sliced onions, and sometimes apple is replaced with another fruit like mango or tomato. If I want something a little more substantial for dinner I will include fried tofu or tempeh and on rare occasion, shrimp. To make your own, submerge a sheet of rice paper for about 5 seconds, put it on a plate and fill it with your favorite fruits/veggies/proteins, and wrap it up. Typically I serve them with some type of peanut sauce (today's was spicy curried pumpkin peanut sauce with coconut milk) or a simple sweet chili sauce. Sriracha is a must on the side. Yum!

PS. Last night I made sticky rice for the first time and it was a success! It was served with a big plate of leafy greens and thinly sliced pork in a garlic/ginger/coriander/cilantro/chili suace. I l-o-v-e glutinous rice and finally bought a steamer basket to make it possible. One tray included the rice, the other had pumpkin which was pureed for today's sauce.

What are your favorite foods that are fresh and easy? I always enjoy adding to the queue.


  1. Spring rolls are a favorite. I think you helped me with dinner tonight.

  2. Homemade tortillas with cream cheese and guacamole. mmmmm. makes my heart (and tummy) so so happy.


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