Pear Chutney

Another forgotten post from 1/17/10 -- adventures in  canning pear chutney. The bare bones recipe:

16 c pears, chopped (unpeeled)
6 c apple cider vinegar
8 c sugar
5 inches fresh ginger
2.5 c dried cranberries
2 jalapenos (not hot at all, triple next time)
1 jumbo yellow onion
1 tsp allspice
1tsp cardamom
1 tsp cinnamon

Combine all ingredients in a large pot, simmer for a few hours until the cranberries are plump. If I were to do this batch again I would use fresh cranberries (the chutney needed more tart, less sweet) and extra hot peppers. Cut the sugar, after it's been in the cupboard for a year the sweet bite is too much.

After the batch has simmered thoroughly (skim the scum/foam), process in the hot-pack, water-bath style. Wash your jars, keep them hot (dishwasher is good for this, though at the time I didn't have one and used the oven instead) and fill with hot gooey goodness. Wipe the rim, place your soften lids on top and screw finger tip tight (that means not too tight). I've lost the processing time somewhere, I think it was 12-17 minutes but with a bit of google work you'll find the right answer.

From VISTA year, Seattle.

This chutney is delightful when served on bread with peanut butter, on crackers with goat cheese, or even as a spiced topping to ice cream. It also makes a good side to pork chops or bratwursts. The pictures I have don't do any justice to the flavor.

From VISTA year, Seattle.


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