Ahhh. That's the sound of me relaxing every day this week. I am taking two weeks of vacation for myself before I start my new position and the days have been very nice. My first client is due to have her baby in about two weeks so I am on call (my first doula gig!) and cannot leave town, though that isn't stopping me from having a great time.

I made yeasty pancakes for breakfast and served them with a friend's home-canned blackberry preserves.

From Seattle: Year 2

Kitty and I have been spending quality time together cuddling, playing "bird" chase with the feather toy, and surprising each other around the apartment. I nearly died when I saw him balancing on the window ledge that I left open, and again when I watched kitty learn to climb the ladder. Kenobi is a big bag of love and acts more like a 2 year old every day.

From The Kitty Chronicles

Then I got bored and made up my mind to make pizza from scratch in the cast iron pans that I re-seasoned this week. The marinara was leftover from pasta that Carson made last week and was mighty tasty underneath all that gooey mozzarella, peppers, onions and pepperoni. Success!

From Seattle: Year 2

I've been knitting socks for Carson.

From Creations

And this afternoon I decided to bake zucchini bread when someone on Freecycle offered up two giant beauties from her garden. I made a plain mini loaf, a loaf with chocolate chips, a loaf with walnuts, and a loaf with walnuts and chocolate chips. And the larger of the two zucchinis is still on my counter top! On the menu for dinner: Baked zucchini stuffed with lentils.

From Seattle: Year 2


  1. Look at you being all domestic.

    I miss you.

  2. I love food, and beautiful food to say the least. Thanks for always inspiring.

  3. Sounds like a great way to spend your weeks of vacation. I wish you were closer so I could see you and have you teach me all of your amazing talents! Love you!

  4. Those pancakes and bread look yummy!


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