Knitting Failure

Warning: This post contains upsetting stories about careless use of yarn in public.

I had a beautiful afternoon. Biked around the city and ended up at Lake Union (where I think they’re having the grand opening of the park?). But then I got a little claustrophobic like I always do in crowds and picked the least crowded, sunniest place to sit-- the pier. To knit. To knit my beautiful Noro striped knee-highs.
But then I had to tear back like 15 rows because I carried the yarn some stupid way and it sucked, and while I was doing that a puff of wind caught one of my balls of yarn (the one ball I wound into a very clean center-pull ball) and blew it off the edge into the water. I had no idea yarn could cause such a range of emotions. And I had to hold my curse words because there were children next to me! skalhgkjahsfkfkfkfk. I tried pulling it up but it just unwound so neatly from the center and it was soaking up water and I thought I was going to cry. Someone asked me if I was fishing, one lady said aloud “I doubt that yarn is any good even if you do get it up here, after it’s soaked in that water,” and mostly the people around me backed away slowly because I was losing my cool.
So I took off my shoes, found the nearest ladder and coaxed that ball through the water, against the wind, to somewhere close where I could grab it. Started going down the ladder, saw HUGE spiders, and went back up the ladder very, very quickly. I was almost ready to admit defeat when this dude my age came up, said he didn’t care about spiders, and grabbed my yarn.
So it’s saved. But now I need to dry it out. Ugh.


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