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Knitting Failure

Warning: This post contains upsetting stories about careless use of yarn in public.

I’m so STOOOOPID. ARGHHH! I had a beautiful afternoon. Biked around the city and ended up at Lake Union (where I think they’re having the grand opening of the park?). But then I got a little claustrophobic like I always do in crowds and picked the least crowded, sunniest place to sit-- the pier. To knit. To knit my beautiful Noro striped knee-highs. But then I had to tear back like 15 rows because I carried the yarn some stupid way and it sucked, and while I was doing that a puff of wind caught one of my balls of yarn (the one ball I wound into a very clean center-pull ball) and blew it off the edge into the water. I had no idea yarn could cause such a range of emotions. And I had to hold my curse words because there were children next to me! skalhgkjahsfkfkfkfk. I tried pulling it up but it just unwound so neatly from the center and it was soaking up water and I thought I was going to cry. Someone asked …

Wild Mushroom Dye

*Note, I took a mushroom dye class!

Carson and I went backpacking last weekend, opting to hike during the dark and rain. What an idea. The rain chased us up the trail, we set up camp quickly, and huddled into the tent to avoid getting any more soaked than we already were. At 3 am I woke up and looked outside to see that our tent was completely surrounded by a lake of water 1-2inches deep in which we were the island... kind of. We hustled outta there and straight picked up the tent, moving it about 6 feet over to avoid tragedy. The seams held and we stayed dry. *Phew! During the hike I noticed many types of different fungus along the trail where we hiked. We are having a wet fall in the Pacific Northwest that is bound to produce a good crop of mushrooms. It inspired me to do some mushroom hunting + cooking + dying maybe. I ordered a mushroom reference book (All That the Rain Promises and More: A Hip Pocket Guide to Western Mushrooms) from Amazon and hope to go searching a few days in e…

Baked Zucchini

A tasty dinner of zucchini (stuffed with cheese, onions, sesame oil and breadcrumbs) baked with lentils. Topped with a bit of tasty hot sauce and light sour cream on the side.

His Socks

The knitting is finally complete!


Ahhh. That's the sound of me relaxing every day this week. I am taking two weeks of vacation for myself before I start my new position and the days have been very nice. My first client is due to have her baby in about two weeks so I am on call (my first doula gig!) and cannot leave town, though that isn't stopping me from having a great time.

I made yeasty pancakes for breakfast and served them with a friend's home-canned blackberry preserves.

From Seattle: Year 2
Kitty and I have been spending quality time together cuddling, playing "bird" chase with the feather toy, and surprising each other around the apartment. I nearly died when I saw him balancing on the window ledge that I left open, and again when I watched kitty learn to climb the ladder. Kenobi is a big bag of love and acts more like a 2 year old every day.

From The Kitty Chronicles

Then I got bored and made up my mind to make pizza from scratch in the cast iron pans that I re-seasoned this week. The mari…

Farewell AmeriCorps VISTA

This past year came and went quickly. The blur/haze of everything stands testament to the fact that we were busy, very very busy. I love the work that I did for the Red Cross, and I love the friends that I made in the VISTA program. Our site had unusually high numbers for VISTA this year and I feel lucky that there was such a large support network of my peers.

We commiserated about the woes of living in Seattle on $950 a month (VISTA stipulates that you cannot take outside work) over clearance lunches from QFC, found the city's cheapest happy hours for Friday evening fun (NocNoc, a goth bar that had dollar PBRs and tater tots until they doubled their prices, which means it's still cheap), bounced project ideas off of one another, and held each other up during those last few months of service that are always the hardest. We took turns emailing job prospects to those interested, challenged one-to-one in sudoku during our morning coffee/tea breaks, and sometimes just walked outsi…