Best Wednesday ever.

The appeal of being unemployed in the near future is marred only by the expectation from my landlord that the apartment I live in will be paid for on the first of every month. And while my rent seems reasonable for Seattle, no rent is affordable for someone without income. *Cue job search.

I am confident that today will go well. 6.5 weeks left in my VISTA term and I'm ready, very very ready, to see a normal paycheck. The almighty internet has given me a list of about 10-15 jobs that are within my qualification range and I can see myself being mostly happy in at least three of those positions. Cheers to wishes for interviews!


  1. Exciting! I wish you the best of luck.

    Though I cannot help but say I wish you were looking for a job a little closer to home.

    But thats ok. I still love you!



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