Babies on the big screen

A couple films are about to make their debut, highlight the way new life is brought into and brought up in this world. Awesome!

Doula! The Ultimate Birth Companion, is a documentary (by the producer of Real Birth Stories) that follows three birth doulas and shows what sort of care these women provide to the expecting/birthing mother, her support network, and the newest family addition once it arrives. Opens June 7th in select theaters.

Babies, a documentary that follows the lives of 4 infants from around the world during their first years, opens on Mother's Day! It looks like such a cute movie. Check out the trailer!

PS. All of this reading and discussion had me wondering about my mom's birth experiences. Five beautiful birth stories and a couple heartfelt, personal accounts of miscarriage later, I am deeply grateful that she always has been honest and open to my probing questions. I asked, she answered. And tonight I feel like a more developed human being for knowing how I came into this world. I love you mom!


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