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My life has been hectic, but mostly I have been too happy and busy to bother writing. The Red Cross has kept me on my toes for the past few months and I'm glad to say that our efforts are producing results. In terms of shelter volunteer recruitment, intake and training, our little department of 4 worker bees has brought in nearly 700 people since October 17th.

Let me rub my eyes and repeat that. After roughly 14 training events, our largest at 130 participants, we have actually brought in and trained over 650 volunteers for sheltering alone. The media coverage regarding potential dam-related flooding locally, and the outpouring of response because of the Haiti efforts, have increased traffic to our website and our application numbers have jumped! It's all great news and we are happy to be one step closer to some higher level of preparedness, but we really want is to hide in a cave for a while.

You might wonder what it takes for a single person to become a volunteer, besides tr…