Sunday at home.

Bob the House is my new home.

This is my room:

From Autumn 09

And some views of the the central areas of the house. Notice the bulk food (all communal), the refrigerators (two for 9 people), and the extensive kitchen seating. We are like one big family, only unrelated and living together by choice.

From Autumn 09

I spent most of my day washing jars; scrubbing the grit and grime, the dust, dirt, cobwebs and dead spiders off 136 mason jars of various sizes was a considerable task. A woman was getting rid of some mason jars that had been stored in her garage for decades, and I volunteered to take them home and give them new life. The sheer number of dirty jars is overwhelming, and I'm only about 75% done. Next in line, finding fruits, vegetables and meats to fill the jars with. And, the house already has much of the needed canning essentials! Major item missing: Pressure Canner.

From Autumn 09


  1. Wow! That is a lot of jars! I hope you find your missing item so you can get some canning done in those jars. It looks like a cute and fun place to live. Miss you!

  2. I love your new place! So bright a fun. Can you see the stars at night, or is it too bright? I wish I was there to help you do some canning. The bottles will be so beautiful full of wonderful things to enjoy over the winter.
    Love you,

  3. Amanda! This is too funny, I was trying to find a way to contact AmeriCorps so I could get a copy of my 2008 W-2 but I was thoroughly unsuccessful. So I tried to narrow down the search by looking for Chris Quaka's contact info and I stumbled upon your blog! I'm happy to see a glimpse of your life (and your mason jars, woo hoo for canning!) I hope you are having a splendid time.
    Also, when I listen to the Be Good Tanyas I think of you. :) every time. I know you liked them and I wasn't very familiar with them but Pete has all their albums on his ipod and I've become quite addicted. In other news, I'm starting a knitting club with some gals I know and love and I'M going to be the big mama knitter that knows the most :D
    Well I love you and I hope that our paths should cross again some time soon!



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