24 years and 7 minutes ago (Utah time) I took my first breath of air. This is the first birthday I will celebrate without my family and friends.... No party, no birthday dinner, no birthday cake. Is this what it means to get older? No fun!

I'm homesick.

Thank you Mom for your thoughtful care package. Thank you Dad for the early birthday phone call. Thank you Mr. C for planning a thoughtful trip to the yarn store. Thanks to all (in advance) for your birthday wishes! :)

PS. I am spending the next 4 days in Yakima, WA for AmeriCorps training. Despite being a little lonely, I really enjoy my work with the Red Cross. More to come soon.


  1. I miss having our birthday sleepovers! Well I should say you sleeping over at my house because I was always way too homesick to spend the night anywhere LOL! Anyway I hope you have a great day, miss you!

  2. happy birthday mandy! i just had mine, and its true that its not the same away from family! so i guess that is what happens when you get older, you move away and grow up so you miss out on the big family birthday bashes! but you are doing a good thing and for that it will be made up im sure! Have a good 24 years!!

  3. Happy Birthday Mandy! I hope you had a good birthday even though we couldn't be close to you to celebrate with you! You're such an awesome example for all of the good things you are doing up there. Love you lots!

  4. Hi Mandy! It's Brendon, remember me? It's good to see you're living in a community of good people. Hope things are going well! Happy Belated Bday!

  5. happy bday~u may not be with your family spending your birthday it still worth it spending it with the red cross...


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