Goodnight kisses.
Seattle, Washington.
Evening friend texts.
Laughter in a cubicle.
AmeriCorps, revisited.
Bike ride along the water front.
Hearty meals made from scratch.
Trainings in a Clarion hotel, Yakima style.
14 awesome VISTA coworkers.
Seattle Central Library.
Disaster Assessment.
American Red Cross.
CPR/AED/First Aid.
Defensive Driving.
Missing moms.

Poor poor poor.
Glad glad glad.



  1. Hey, you going to Glenn Beck's show in Seattle on Sept. 26?
    - Dave
    Just to let you know, do stalk your blog periodically. I stalk a few of the local folks that have moved on. I don't think it's in a creepy way though.

  2. Whoa there, mister. I think we have VERY different political views.


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