Labor day weekend

We are rockin' out!


Admittedly, we stayed in a LOT this weekend and lazed around. Mr. C somehow convinced me to watch Star Wars for the first time EVER, we put a good dent in season three of Big Love (a guilty pleasure of mine), and I ate too much corn on-the-cob. We also managed to ride our bikes down to Seattle's Center for Wooden Boots on Lake Union after hours; the open gate invited us in to look around at the beauty of wood and we caught a nice sunset behind the Space Needle. We sped off into the night for some coffee before meandering over to the Seattle Center where Bumbershoot, a 3 day music festival, was being held. We didn't buy tickets for this event but found a comfy spot to sit outside the gates and I knitted C's hat while listening to a wonderful act from Todd Snider. At some other point this weekend we also managed to wander around Queen Anne a bit, finding an awesome game store that has gaming leagues! I've got backgammon vying for attention when a willing opponent comes into my life.

Overall, labor day was enjoyable. I've got a few organizations worth mentioning soon in other blog posts. Good evening!


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