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Library: a woman's best friend

Since my childhood, libraries have played a central role in my life: The reading races to see who could score the most points in elementary school. The book-mobile truck that stopped in front of our house every two weeks in the summer days of my childhood, beckoning the neighborhood to come out and find new words and stories to fill their warm evenings with. The Tremonton library which lent itself to calm afternoons and was just a short walk from mom's store.

I made my way downtown to the Central Library shortly after arriving in Seattle to pick up my new resident library card! I feel like this little piece of plastic makes me an official member of the beautiful city surrounded by water. The bicycle jaunts around town, back and forth to pick up books that are being held under my name, are inspired (if not provoked) by my need for new reading.

The hunger for knowledge, the passion to experience another person's life through the words they write, the excitement for travels and hap…

Spicy Eggplant

The weekly trip to Queen Anne's farmers martket was sweet this week-- though working late caused me to miss the knit-in, an event where men and women gathered to socialize and knit baby hats to donate to hospitals, I did meet a woman spinning beautiful wool from her angora rabbits into elegant lace-weight yarn. She also displayed some very creative knitted hats (all hand-spun, hand-dyed, hand-knitted with combinations of alpaca, angora and sheep wool from either her own farm or her sister's). She let me in on the location a spinners group that gathers once a month and casually invited me to come meet people since I'm new in town. :)

And of course, the produce looked wonderful! Berries are coming on strong, but the real pull for me were the deep purple, plump, fresh eggplants. Besides taking home eggplant, I picked up some green beans, hot peppers, and get this-- Peanuts! Never before have I seen "locally grown" peanuts! In my naive mind I'd almost forgotten th…

National & Community Service

From Project: FEMA 1768, Disaster Relief

I love AmeriCorps. I love what is has done for my personal growth. I love what it has done for the people, communities, and organizations which receive direct assistance from AmeriCorps members. I am overwhelmingly grateful for opportunities to learn new skills and utilize my current abilities to better the communities in which I live and serve. And I'm happy that I can be proud to be American in this context-- that I can feel good about my nation as a young person coming of age in an ever-changing political climate. No shame here.

So naysayers' comments, like Glenn Beck's comparisons of AmeriCorps to Hitler and the SS regime, are particularly painful to those of us putting in countless hours toward the greater good of humanity through national and community service. Obama is not going to force any young people to do public service. We are not being brainwashed, as has been recently suggested. Sure, I have my own personal interests ve…

Labor day weekend

We are rockin' out!


Admittedly, we stayed in a LOT this weekend and lazed around. Mr. C somehow convinced me to watch Star Wars for the first time EVER, we put a good dent in season three of Big Love (a guilty pleasure of mine), and I ate too much corn on-the-cob. We also managed to ride our bikes down to Seattle's Center for Wooden Boots on Lake Union after hours; the open gate invited us in to look around at the beauty of wood and we caught a nice sunset behind the Space Needle. We sped off into the night for some coffee before meandering over to the Seattle Center where Bumbershoot, a 3 day music festival, was being held. We didn't buy tickets for this event but found a comfy spot to sit outside the gates and I knitted C's hat while listening to a wonderful act from Todd Snider. At some other point this weekend we also managed to wander around Queen Anne a bit, finding an awesome game store that has gaming leagues! I've got backgammon vying for attention whe…


Goodnight kisses.
Seattle, Washington.
Evening friend texts.
Laughter in a cubicle.
AmeriCorps, revisited.
Bike ride along the water front.
Hearty meals made from scratch.
Trainings in a Clarion hotel, Yakima style.
14 awesome VISTA coworkers.
Seattle Central Library.
Disaster Assessment.
American Red Cross.
CPR/AED/First Aid.
Defensive Driving.
Missing moms.

Poor poor poor.
Glad glad glad.