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I was told to submit a "a short bio (tell me a little about yourself) and recent photo (head shot preferable but I can crop whatever you send)" to the Red Cross with whom I will be working as an AmeriCorps VISTA.

Georgia. That's the font I blog with.

Sample One:

Amanda Lyn relocated to Seattle from Logan, UT where she grew up on a farm, attended Utah State University, and spent her last two summers there living in a tent in the mountains. She hopes to pursue midwifery in the future; for now she enjoys knitting, dancing, friends, and food preservation. Prior to her year with AmeriCorps VISTA, Amanda served and traveled with AmeriCorps*NCCC in the Eastern Region.

Can I really make more than one sample for me to choose from? What is important to put in a short bio? Who is going to read this? What if my target audience includes my future employers? Should I sound professional? I want to seem fun. I'm light-hearted! Considering that I haven't graduated, should I avoid listing anything about university studies?

Amanda moved to Seattle from Logan, UT. She enjoys creating with her own two hands: knitted goods, canned pickles, and lasting friendships. Amanda grew up on a farm, enjoys dancing to drum beats, and served one year with AmeriCorps*NCCC prior to AmeriCorps VISTA. While considering studying midwifery, she is pursuing a degree in Community Health Education.

Who am I kidding? My college crap is mediocre, at best. What if someone finds out how I have actually performed at school?! Yikes. I have good intentions, but actions speak louder than words sometimes. I'm just a poor, confused semi-adult leaving adolescence and trying to find my place in the world. Don't crucify me!

Amanda Lyn enjoys life in Seattle, as much or more than she did in Logan, UT! She flitters around like a little fairy, doing whatever makes her feel good at any given time. Sometimes she dances, other times she cooks over a fire. Either way, she's a happy hippie that enjoys riding her bicycle in the company of friends.

That one was perfect... for the Friends-of-Pagans social networking website.

Amanda works in Seattle and resides in cyberspace. She enjoys talking to herself on her blog, reading the news, and listening to Radio Lab, This American Life, and Prairie Home Companion on NPR. You can find any and all of them streaming online!



  1. Such a sweet free spirit. "Whose child are you anyway? :)
    I love you and wish you the best on your next adventure in life. May you touch the souls and heal the hearts of many through your service!

  2. I love them all. I think I like the flittering fairy the most. Your mom is a very lucky lady and has done a really good job raising such a special woman.

  3. I figured I'd comment and then you'd know I was here. Hi Mandy, it's Brendon. You could check out my blog sometime too: brendonbutler.com/blog

    Maybe someday I'll make a more personal one, but this one has my stories from this summer. You can find the backyard chickens story there.

    Have fun in Seattle!



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