Babies, again.

I've been dreamin' about babies again. My interpretation of the many, many baby dreams I've had is this: the baby respresents major changes in my life, and my inability to have complete control over the processes I am going through. That said...

Dream 1: Carson and I were visiting my grandmother (in my dream this was a white-haired spry woman, not the grandmother I have now) and the baby was in its carrier. We took turns holding our precious and my grandmother adored the cute bundle. Suddenly we were in "our" home (also unknown to me in reality), with brown carpet and a strange step in the middle of the room. We were laying in bed, holding the baby, and we were surrounded by piles and piles of blankets. Lovely. End of dream. For my own remembrance, this dream was had on the night before Carson left for Seattle-- our last night together in the canyon, and in each others' presence for a few weeks. I woke up feeling happy, comfortable and refreshed.

Significance? This was the first baby dream wholly positive, and in which the baby was not ever lost, taken away, or I was otherwise mentally exhausted and sad upon waking. Also, Carson was present. I took this as a positive sign that my current situation in life is moving in the right direction... but then came the next one.

Dream 2: I was giving birth to a child in the living room and my mom was yelling and angry because of my choice to become pregnant outside of wedlock. I felt calm during the birth process itself and my friend Kari was assisting me, reminding me of the placenta. I cleaned myself off and when I returned to the living room my cousin had taken the baby and was breast-feeding the newborn. I felt terribly sad and took the child to my own breast, reminding my family that this child came from my body, and that the mother-child connection would not be severed. I was hurt and disappointed, then laying in bed with the child. I called Carson on the phone and told him I'd given birth last Monday and asked when he would be home to join me. He replied that he was busy shopping and traveling with his mom for some time and that he was not particularly interested in being part of the family. End of dream.

Good/Bad. Two extremes, two very different endings. I've got my interpretations.


  1. Hmm I don't like "Dream 2" :(

  2. Hey, I miss you already -- even though I didn't get to see you much this summer. I thought number 2 was very interesting with the disapproval of your immediate and extended family plus them trying to run your life by breast-feeding for you. Interseting. Do you feel they disapprove of you moving to Seattle?



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