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Seattle style.

What is Seattle to me now that I have relocated, unpacked, reunited with my lover, and am getting to know my neighborhood (Lower Queen Anne)?

Seattle means the following to me, one week into my new life:
Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Frozen Yogurt. I had no idea fro-yo in my favorite flavor existed! Namesake desserts with less cream, the best.Living 6 feet from the apartment complex garbage and recycling dumpsters signals true city living. 3 AM and the bums are rustling through to make their 25 cents. 6 AM and the garbage trucks roll in and rattle out.

Hills. Steep, unforgiving, brutal hills. Nobody told me this! Last Wednesday Carson and I attempted to bicycle up to Queen Anne for the farmers' market. About 6 or so blocks into a strenuous 8 block stretch I had to get off and walk. 20% grade on the counterbalance, I will conquer you within two weeks!

Seattle signifies good food right now. Because we're both relaxing without jobs for a moment, we've been frying onions, ba…

A weaver's bio.

After my attempt to begin a knitted hat project for Carson failed because my circular needles straight busted on me, I've though about what my knitting background is and why I'm completely incapable of finishing most projects I start. My inability to finish does not prevent me from dreaming; in fact, today when I went to pick up new needles a glorious skein of yarn beckoned to me and now it's in my living room. A winter hat for myself, perhaps?

So let's look back. My mom tried to teach me to crochet when I was a kid, and just like I still roll, I tried my hardest to abandon that butterfly project. I cried, didn't get it, and she forced me to finish. I think that butterfly is tucked in her cedar chest for safekeeping now to remind me of all the hard work my little fingers did, and to remind me that I can finish anything I start.

Having abandoned crochet for many years (except for an occasional scarf), on my mom's birthday 2006 I took her out for lunch and we went…

Babies, again.

I've been dreamin' about babies again. My interpretation of the many, many baby dreams I've had is this: the baby respresents major changes in my life, and my inability to have complete control over the processes I am going through. That said...

Dream 1: Carson and I were visiting my grandmother (in my dream this was a white-haired spry woman, not the grandmother I have now) and the baby was in its carrier. We took turns holding our precious and my grandmother adored the cute bundle. Suddenly we were in "our" home (also unknown to me in reality), with brown carpet and a strange step in the middle of the room. We were laying in bed, holding the baby, and we were surrounded by piles and piles of blankets. Lovely. End of dream. For my own remembrance, this dream was had on the night before Carson left for Seattle-- our last night together in the canyon, and in each others' presence for a few weeks. I woke up feeling happy, comfortable and refreshed.

Significance? …

A short bio

I was told to submit a "a short bio (tell me a little about yourself) and recent photo (head shot preferable but I can crop whatever you send)" to the Red Cross with whom I will be working as an AmeriCorps VISTA.

Georgia. That's the font I blog with.

Sample One:

Amanda Lyn relocated to Seattle from Logan, UT where she grew up on a farm, attended Utah State University, and spent her last two summers there living in a tent in the mountains. She hopes to pursue midwifery in the future; for now she enjoys knitting, dancing, friends, and food preservation. Prior to her year with AmeriCorps VISTA, Amanda served and traveled with AmeriCorps*NCCC in the Eastern Region.

Can I really make more than one sample for me to choose from? What is important to put in a short bio? Who is going to read this? What if my target audience includes my future employers? Should I sound professional? I want to seem fun. I'm light-hearted! Considering that I haven't graduated, should I…