Blog Stalking

Alright, let's be honest. I have a tracker on my blog so I can see who visits my blog (no, it doesn't tell me exactly who you are), from what city & their path. For some time I've had these lingering questions in my mind such as, who is the person in Connecticut that reads my blog almost religiously, visits every link I post, etc? Or, why in the world was someone googling "Utah Sperm Burrito" and should I be concerned that they were directed to my blog? I'm glad that people are referred to my blog through google searches on book reviews, americorps queries, etc. I am concerned that because of my reference to skinny dipping in Logan Canyon, someone using the Utah State University network was referred to my blog and then searched my site for nude photos.

I don't mean to push my readers away, but I'm curious exactly who IS reading my blog. Step out from behind that wall and say hello!

PS. I had my first hit from the yahoo search engine (google is the usual director). Wahoo! errr, Yahoo!


  1. I follow your blog. But I am def not the blog stalker... haha hope you find out who the creep is!

  2. although i wish i had stumbled into your blog via google search for utah sperm burrito, i'm a proud reader to the end :-)

  3. I follow! I guess I will admit, it was me looking for nude photo's. Uhh well sorry. Ha ha just kidding!

  4. I read every single post and follow most of your links, but am in RI, not CT. I also make it to Seattle every now and then for work so hopefully I can come visit you there sometime this year!

  5. Well, I guess its time to come clean. I am the Rigorous reader from CT. I came across your Blog one day when I was researching AmeriCorps, and started to read your blog and found it was increadibly helpful. I wanted to know what it would be like to be in the Americorps NCCC program, and your blog explained exactly that.
    you are a talented writer who lured me in with your words.
    Your writing is increadibly entertaining and sometimes even makes me laugh out loud.

    Sorry for creeping you out, didnt mean to.

    definitely NOT a creep,

  6. I read your blog. I secretly live vicariously through it. Thanks Amanda!

  7. You know I'm an avid reader...Write on!

  8. Roony, thanks for coming out of hiding! It's nice to have readers that do not personally know me and still appreciate my writing.

    Are you pursuing any AmeriCorps programs yourself at this time? I'm such a fan of national service and those who participate.

  9. I'm reading!

    I just arrived here this evening, came here I believe through a search for the Wiksten Tova shirt. Mine needs serious alterations, just looking around for some alteration-inspiration (I am pretty much a novice to the manipulating patterns department).

    Then I stayed and have been reading through your entries. I love your lively writing, reading about your adventures, and hearing about another young woman's experience navigating life.

    If a blog appeals to me, I often like to read all of it/a lot of it. So that's how I got to this post.


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