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Blog Stalking

Alright, let's be honest. I have a tracker on my blog so I can see who visits my blog (no, it doesn't tell me exactly who you are), from what city & their path. For some time I've had these lingering questions in my mind such as, who is the person in Connecticut that reads my blog almost religiously, visits every link I post, etc? Or, why in the world was someone googling "Utah Sperm Burrito" and should I be concerned that they were directed to my blog? I'm glad that people are referred to my blog through google searches on book reviews, americorps queries, etc. I am concerned that because of my reference to skinny dipping in Logan Canyon, someone using the Utah State University network was referred to my blog and then searched my site for nude photos.

I don't mean to push my readers away, but I'm curious exactly who IS reading my blog. Step out from behind that wall and say hello!

PS. I had my first hit from the yahoo search engine (google is the u…

AmeriCorps VISTA, Seattle

I suppose it is almost official so I can make a semi-official announcement: I have secured a new job and will be relocating to Seattle, Washington! About a month ago I accepted an AmeriCorps VISTA position as the Volunteer Services Program Coordinator with the American Red Cross of King County (Seattle) from August 28, 2009 to August 27, 2010. AmeriCorps VISTA differs greatly from AmeriCorps NCCC, the program with which I served during the year of 2008. Many of my friends and family have asked exactly what the differences are, how they are similar, and why they fall under the same umbrella of AmeriCorps.

AmeriCorps is a subsidiary of the Corporation for National and Community Service. Opportunities to serve exist for people of nearly all ages, from ages 14 (Summer of Service, a mini AmeriCorps NCCC program), to students (Learn & Serve), and on through retirees (Senior Corps). I encourage you all to find your own way to contribute to your own community (however that is designated)..…


Seminiferious tubules.
Seminal Vesicles.
Scrotal Skin.

Vas Deferens.
Not so vastly different.

Ejaculation (through)
Ejaculatory Duct.

Testing, testing. One, two...

Positively Posterior Position.