A conversation with Senator Orrin Hatch

I was studying at my parents' house tonight when the phone rang and a recording alerted me that I was being redirected to Senator Orrin Hatch's "town-hall" meeting being held via telephone and would I mind please staying on the line to participate? Of course I would not mind! Orrin Hatch generally makes me sick to my stomach (an awesome exception to this rule of thumb was his National Service Act) so I thought I'd listen in to see what he felt like saying to rally his conservative constituents.

Senator Orrin Hatch says he is a "Climate skeptic" and believes that climate change is most likely not caused by human effects. He says we should be using coal & not wind, and that the cap & trade system would "redistribute wealth & power like never before." He also said that "Utah would have a 70% increase in the utility cost if we go to that stupid, dumb system" ( in reference to Obama's proposed emissions trading program). Was he using "stupid, dumb" words because they seemed better for those listening in-- perhaps assuming that we rural voters are uneducated on that matter and need strong emotion rather than logical explanations to give our support?

Hatch says we need comprehensive immigration reform and voted against the 1996 bill that would have given amnesty to current illegal residents. He does not support amnesty, even with conditions. Hatch also proudly made note that he helped pass the new and ultra-controversial Utah law (HB 81) that among other aspects of immigration reform, mandates that local law enforcement officers enforce immigration as well. (Side note-- I love that select cities and the Utah Highway Patrol outright refuse to enforce immigration, logically explaining that doing so would compromise residents' safety and trust in the law enforcement and would further alienate illegal immigrants, effectively cutting off any cooperation in dealing with crime. I'm not saying the laws should not be enforced, I'm saying there are certain people given that duty, and those certain people should not be plain ole' police officers.)

Along with some mild comments about his upcoming vote for Obama's recent pick for Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, Hatch also made reference to some issues dealing with high particulate matter & the EPA in Box Elder county and Utah in general. He was a little vague and it was clear that his words were meant to be soothing, not enlightening. Next subject.

A caller came in with concern about "Barak Obama's attempt to force us to have socialized medicine and his views of a socialist government." Ok... before I get too riled up... y'all know I have my personal issues with the current health care system. Most of us do, I imagine. But I'm outright being left behind, screwed over, denied, etcetera by our current system. I don't even have the option to pay high premiums for private health insurance--- I can't get it! Anyhow, Hatch says that comprehensive health reform in each state is different, and that we cannot compare Massuchusets to Utah (pointing out his dissatisfaction with Mass.'s decision three years ago to subsidize health care for low-income individuals, and mandate coverage for all state residents). Hatch repeats, multiple times, that he will not support a public health option. He seems to have a lot of beef with our Democratic-controlled gov't, but while he does plenty of criticizing he's not doing a lot of alternative offering.

Hatch says our founding fathers are turning in their graves, and says he is disgusted that we are working toward the "Europeanization" of the US (a reference back to our country's current "socialist" movement). "Obama's administration now owns banks, auto makers, and who knows what else." He says, again, that he expects this from a president that is trying to "Europeanize" our country. "Put an end to this Obamanopoly!"

Some rhetoric involving NASA funding and job losses at our local ATK, a bit about Social Security, and then I was tired of listening. So here you have it: My date with Orrin Hatch.


  1. You sound like me after listening to NPR or watching MSNBC for a bit.

  2. that's wild- and what a random call....


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