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Fire Cooked

I have already enticed you with the description of the peanut & coconut curry/stew, and mind you it was even better the second time around when I replaced pork with requested shrimp. But, I'm here to tell you more about the cool nights (and warm days) spent around fiery embers.

Cue in Sunday Brunch, every person's favorite meal. I asked myself what I could do with the ingredients on hand and it went like this.

In an empty dutch oven add:
1 layer corn chips1 layer can of chili1 layer sharp garlic cheddar cheese1 layer corn chips1 layer pickled jalapenos1 layer monterey jack cheese
Throw the lid on that baby, place it in red-hot embers leftover from the fire you warmed your fingers with, and let it all heat through. Once the cheese is melted take it off-- don't leave it too long. Dutch Oven Nachos! The chips softened a bit but still had crunch, and by no means were they soggy. Add sour cream and black bean & corn salsa, and wait for the applause that goes something like …


Life is good to me, and I say this mostly because I wake up every morning in an open meadow to sunshine, birds and beautiful trees surrounding me. Each night before bed my friends and I philosophize the meaning of life around a fire. We commune with each other, dining on the best of foods a fire, dutch oven, and happy hands can offer; on the nights our hands are tired, we dine on words.

Heading back to the canyon was an easy decision financially since I am out of work and hope to save what little money I do have. Mentally though, I struggled with the thought of being transient again and hopping from place to place to place. I'm sure this would be hard without the network of support I have from friends and family, but honestly, I prefer this over conventional living. Spending my nights with a minimum of 5 people (often more) reminds me that community creates the bonds on which I thrive. The collective energy feeds my heart and mind. Laughter is contagious and opportunities abound to…

Meow? Please?

I understand that it's late and my perception can be skewed when I'm up at odd hours, but seriously, 1:26 AM isn't that odd. The problem here is that I want to sleep, I actually want to close my eyes and drift into slumber but the company I have is keeping me up.... Mind you, this is unwelcome company. For some reason my heart is racing and I'm actually scared. The dry leaves outside my basement window are crunching right now and there is a weird scratching noise. I'm sure it's just a cat. We always have cats in the yard at my parents' house. Come on-- it's farm town, USA.

Here's the thing though: I've been there done that. The whole assuming that the sound I'm hearing is a stray animal did me absolutely no good in the past.

I know this is just a little critter. But the semi-flashback I am having to those multiple nights I lay in bed, shaking, unable to sleep, wondering if I should call the police... but ultimately telling myself it was a stra…

A conversation with Senator Orrin Hatch

I was studying at my parents' house tonight when the phone rang and a recording alerted me that I was being redirected to Senator Orrin Hatch's "town-hall" meeting being held via telephone and would I mind please staying on the line to participate? Of course I would not mind! Orrin Hatch generally makes me sick to my stomach (an awesome exception to this rule of thumb was his National Service Act) so I thought I'd listen in to see what he felt like saying to rally his conservative constituents.

Senator Orrin Hatch says he is a "Climate skeptic" and believes that climate change is most likely not caused by human effects. He says we should be using coal & not wind, and that the cap & trade system would "redistribute wealth & power like never before." He also said that "Utah would have a 70% increase in the utility cost if we go to that stupid, dumb system" ( in reference to Obama's proposed emissions trading program). Wa…