See Daisy.

From Summer Vacation

See Daisy run.

From Summer Vacation

See Daisy ride.

From Summer Vacation

See Daisy hide.

From Summer Vacation

Meet Daisy, my younger brother's dog and my newest playmate. When the rain cleared for a bit on Sunday I took Daisy on her first car ride and a little jaunt around the foothills in Plymouth. She's a cutie, eh? A bit camera shy, but overall a lot of fun. She's such a people pleaser.

The misty mountains and rays of sunlight peeking through the clouds made for a delightful walk.

From Summer Vacation


  1. your pics and blog, espec the one where daisy is looking a bit coy...

    i stalk you blog when i can...

    and I too love what americorps positions have done for me, my growth, and the areas I'm serving!

    you go girl!


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