A power outage.

Crash, rumble, sizzle.

Lightning struck the power pole in front of our house twice in a row in a matter of seconds! The surge was intense; the buzz from the raging voltage could be felt in the floors. Sparks flew from the poles in all directions and a single line was split and laying in two parts across the neighbor's yard. And of course, we were without power for a solid 4 hours.

According to family tradition, we pulled out candles, ran around the house like chickens with their heads cut off (or people without lights), and then played board games. I was in the middle of cooking dinner for the fourth night in a row (go me!), so with Jake's help we moved my efforts to the grill inside the garage (with the doors open, of course) and wrapped up the food prep there. Overall, it was a lot of fun to bond together as a family without technology. It's easy to become divided when we all split up to our own rooms with our laptops, televisions, ipods, etc, and tonight proved to us that good old fashioned fun is the best. That being said, when the power came back on I put down my book I was reading in bed, and opened my laptop instead.

PS. The neighbors came over tonight when they realized they couldn't pull in their driveway because of the downed line, and what fun it was to catch up. It had probably been years since I last had a real conversation with them. Then they tried to set me up with their oldest son. :)

Nighty night.


  1. We had a huge thunderstorm here in Colorado last night too. It was this huge black wall of thunder, lightning and rain and we watched it roll over the plains. It rained all night and then this morning, its blue skies like nothing ever happened.


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