I was mindin' my own business!

A couple years ago I came across a bumper sticker with the words "The more you know the less you need." I can't remember now what I did with it-- it might be sprawled across a folder somewhere, or stuck to one of my cancer-causing (plastic containing BPA) Nalgene bottles-- but the idea contained within that statement has power.

the MORE you KNOW the LESS you NEED - aborignal proverb

Those words, carved in that manner, are located on a quiet, south facing cement wall of the Salt Lake City library. Above that wall is a walkway leading to the main entrance of the library, and along the metal railing attached to the wall are rows and rows of bicycles. I like what I see. I really like what I see-- empowerment through knowledge. Of course after staring at the railing, the words and the wall, I looked up to the middle-aged men sitting on a nearby bench that I had not noticed before. Maybe they thought I had been looking at them all this time, or maybe they were vying for my attention, but the sight of their winks and waves and fanfare thrown in my direction ruined the moment.

Speaking of obscene gestures, I am reminded of a rather offensive bicycle ride I experienced a few weeks ago. Generally speaking, bicycle rides around Logan are blissful, but on this particular day after turning out of my driveway and onto the street I synced up with a car full of rowdy young men and women. Hugging the curb, I made room for them to pass me so I could feel comfortable on the street again, but they inched closer, and closer, and even closer. I waved them to drive around me-- perhaps they weren't sure the other lane was clear? They were tailing me much too close for comfort, and when I turned back to check their distance again, I realized they were playing a sick game of chicken between their car and the rear tire of my bicycle. And I had no idea who they were.

I yelled at them, pedaled faster to try and put distance between us, and finally they shot around me like I'd hoped, only to see one young man flick his cigarette butt in my direction, and the other leaned out the window, almost touching me, and yelled "KILL YOURSELF WHORE." His words were followed shortly by a nasty wad of spit and phlegm he dug up from somewhere within his nasty self. And then I realized no relief was in sight, as we were approaching a stop sign.

Determined not to run away from an uncomfortable situation, I continued riding along my planned route and alongside my unplanned (and undesired) companions. The nature of this residential street we were on is that, inevitably, I would be next to this car until one of us chose to turn because of the frequent lights, stop signs, and low speed limit. I thought it might be better for me to let my pride go and ride out of my way just to get rid of them, but as usual my ego got the best of me. The taunts quickly turned perverted, and I'll spare you the words they so eagerly shared with me, but overall I was disgusted that these people would really put that much effort into ruining my day. Harumph! And Bah hambug, too! Eventually they turned (seven blocks later), and although I made mental note of their license plate number and considered calling the police, I decided to put all of my anger into pedaling harder. I love feeling fast on my bicycle. :)


I lost my wallet and sock knitting book sometime over the weekend. They are both probably at my parents' house somewhere, but poo poo. Have you seen them?


  1. hello mandolin!

    liz here, we stitched once, and drank beers at the big air contest.

    i am SO SO SO sorry about the bike incident! that is horrible. i expect that sort of nonsense in SLC, but not in logan.

    on a side note: did you know that bikes outsold cars and trucks in the first quarter of 2009? more people are starting to understand.... happy day!


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