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I was mindin' my own business!

A couple years ago I came across a bumper sticker with the words "The more you know the less you need." I can't remember now what I did with it-- it might be sprawled across a folder somewhere, or stuck to one of my cancer-causing (plastic containing BPA) Nalgene bottles-- but the idea contained within that statement has power.

the MORE you KNOW the LESS you NEED - aborignal proverb

Those words, carved in that manner, are located on a quiet, south facing cement wall of the Salt Lake City library. Above that wall is a walkway leading to the main entrance of the library, and along the metal railing attached to the wall are rows and rows of bicycles. I like what I see. I really like what I see-- empowerment through knowledge. Of course after staring at the railing, the words and the wall, I looked up to the middle-aged men sitting on a nearby bench that I had not noticed before. Maybe they thought I had been looking at them all this time, or maybe they were vying for my…


See Daisy.

From Summer Vacation

See Daisy run.

From Summer Vacation

See Daisy ride.

From Summer Vacation

See Daisy hide.

From Summer Vacation

Meet Daisy, my younger brother's dog and my newest playmate. When the rain cleared for a bit on Sunday I took Daisy on her first car ride and a little jaunt around the foothills in Plymouth. She's a cutie, eh? A bit camera shy, but overall a lot of fun. She's such a people pleaser.

The misty mountains and rays of sunlight peeking through the clouds made for a delightful walk.

From Summer Vacation

Goodbye school, hello summer.

The semester ended with a BANG!

Carson graduated with his bachelor's degree in Economics and Law; the party followed. Friends, family, good food and beverage, and good times. I'm proud of Carson for what his hard work and academic efforts have earned him. And I think he's a handsome fella...

-photo courtesy of Pete Smithsuth

I said farewell to my job and apartment the next week, moved all my belongings back to my parents' house (and camped near Logan for a couple days), then promptly left for a week-long vacation.

Carson and I drove down to Canyonlands National Park, a place that feels more like backcountry than national park, but quite close to Moab, and complete with astounding gorges, canyons and panoramic views. We camped our first night near the entrance to the park in a place managed by the BLM, and while I appreciated having a toilet to use, it wasn't worth having people trotting by our tent throughout the night. I prefer being relatively alone in my surroundin…

A power outage.

Crash, rumble, sizzle.

Lightning struck the power pole in front of our house twice in a row in a matter of seconds! The surge was intense; the buzz from the raging voltage could be felt in the floors. Sparks flew from the poles in all directions and a single line was split and laying in two parts across the neighbor's yard. And of course, we were without power for a solid 4 hours.

According to family tradition, we pulled out candles, ran around the house like chickens with their heads cut off (or people without lights), and then played board games. I was in the middle of cooking dinner for the fourth night in a row (go me!), so with Jake's help we moved my efforts to the grill inside the garage (with the doors open, of course) and wrapped up the food prep there. Overall, it was a lot of fun to bond together as a family without technology. It's easy to become divided when we all split up to our own rooms with our laptops, televisions, ipods, etc, and tonight proved to us that…