Sunburns, dog attack.

I knocked on the door; no barking, no sign warning of the dog, and even quiet conversation for a moment-- until that little shit came shooting through her legs and attacked my knees. I tried to remain professional, but as the dog kept trying to bite my ankles, scratched some serious marks on my legs, growled and yapped and generally pissed me off, I'm pretty sure I muttered some curse words. And because this dog was so keen on using my lower body as his new chew toy, the lady had a hard time getting him off of me. I waved goodbye as I ran down the front steps.

Bah humbug. One more reason I hate little dogs. No worries, a few red marks but no blood. Did I say that I hate little dogs? It all goes back to that one semester living in a random apartment with some random people, and the girl with the little dog that urinated and defecated frequently on our living room carpet. It's the lingering smell of animal urine and feces really turned me off. Next time someone suggests I should get a dog, I'm going to laugh, and say I'd rather have a kid. Seems more rewarding, and eventually they become independent. Well, I guess parents hope their children will someday grow up and provide for themselves... I know mine are still wondering when their wish will come true.

The weather has been interesting, warm, rain, cold, warm, snow, hot, sunburns, cold and more snow. Went on a couple good bike rides last week. On Tuesday a few friends and I rode out to Newton Lake, sat on the dirty shore, and rode back. 40 solid miles round trip. On Thursday I was feeling particularly tense so I rode my bike around the island and then up Logan Canyon to 3rd dam, and back. 17 miles round trip, plus gradual uphill pedaling and a serious headwind that cut my usual canyon exit from 32 mph to 19. Bummer! I like flying.

Blah blah blah. Snowshoeing last Sunday was fun. Went up to Franklin Basin and played around, saw some pretty scenes, etc.

A pic or two:

From Spring Semester '09

From Spring Semester '09

Today I went snowshoeing up Stump Hollow, a nice route in Logan Canyon. Sweet.

My words have been rather boring lately as I lack motivation to do anything creative except knit.


  1. Hey, Amanda! Glad you survived that annoying dog attack. Good to know how you are and a bit of your adventures, pictures. Sounds like you're still thrilled with biking--me, too. Guess you're more than ready for summer and placid weather with your job?


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