On being employed.

Knock. Knock.

"Hello, my name is Amanda and I'm working with the US Census Bureau. I'm here to update our maps and address lists and would like to confirm..."

Work seems to be going well despite Mother Nature's efforts to thwart my money earning endeavors. Heavy, wet snow is visiting the valley today after a couple days of serious rain. The grass is spring green and the white slush is not sticking so well-- in fact, it seems that it all melted, ran downhill, and accumulated into a massive lake over what used to be my front lawn and sidewalk. When I got home from some afternoon street walking I couldn't help but jump smack dab in the middle, effectively soaking my lower half.

Overall, I think I'm going to enjoy this. 35ish hours of walking every week, checking out sweet homes (old and new) and architectural details (such as the nice pillars and heavy wooden door with the sweet inlaid stained glass), and noting social phenomenons. Turns out a LOT of people have dogs, dilapidated trailer parks can have interesting graffiti ("White Trash Beautiful"), many of my neighbors also receive milk delivery from Rosehill Dairy (fresh & affordable), and elderly people either don't want to talk to me at all or want to talk to me for far too long. The sunshine feels good on my back, my hair is finally long enough to whip my eyes and consequently needs to be pinned back, and the earliest freckles are beginning to dot my nose. I can wear sandals to work for the first time in ages, am stuck carrying an official Census messenger bag, and I rock a sweet badge. Alert, alert! I'm a federal employee, here's my proof!

For those of you that haven't heard, preparations for the 2010 census are underway, and official Census employees will be knocking on doors to confirm addresses, update maps and lists, and verify the # of housing units in every building in existence. Surveys won't be sent out or hand delivered until March 2010, but there's plenty going on between now and then.


  1. mandy, i do enjoy reading your so very interesting posts! i miss the cheery, and unique might i add, personality you carried! maybe someday ill see you again...

  2. I always enjoy your writings. They are refreshing from the usual-blogs-of-sorts and all. Thanks for allowing your readers to really succumb to your wanderings.

  3. You are multi-faceted which is one of the things I love about you.


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