Just waiting.

The question of the month-- no, no. The question of the past 6 months: "So what are your plans?" Rather than talk about the future, I'm going to chronicle events from the recent past.

School happened. Really, that's the best way for me to describe my most recent semester at USU, considering the outcome and having realized in retrospective inquisition that at the culmination of year 2008, an outright productive and successful year, I felt too lost to do anything but go back to school, so it happened. School happened and I probably would have been better off doing something else, but what's done is done and I'm moving on now. No reason to wallow in self pity for having ruined another chance at improving my record. Oopsie Daisy.

Work happened. I use the past tense in reference to work because we Census Bureau employees worked too quickly; we worked ourselves right out of work and right about now I am unemployed, just like I was a month ago.

Housing happened. After having been relatively transient for roughly 18 months, I secured what seemed like (and was) semi-permanent housing and lived in an apartment for... drumroll... four and half months! Having real space to call my own for an extended period of time, a bed to retire to nightly, and desk space, and storage, and all that neat stuff that I went a while without, was nice. It was very nice and I appreciate it for what it was worth: stability. But anyone that knows me knows that stability is not closely associated with my lifestyle and so I will be roaming again soon, migrating from place and place and having the sort of freedom that homelessness offers. Of course, I recognize that truly I am not homeless because I will have plenty of belongings in storage at my parents' place and could stay there on any given night I wish to, but I will not be. I would rather sleep under the night sky and feel the earth beneath me.

Happiness is happening. Overall, I've been enjoying life immensely.


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