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Just waiting.

The question of the month-- no, no. The question of the past 6 months: "So what are your plans?" Rather than talk about the future, I'm going to chronicle events from the recent past.

School happened. Really, that's the best way for me to describe my most recent semester at USU, considering the outcome and having realized in retrospective inquisition that at the culmination of year 2008, an outright productive and successful year, I felt too lost to do anything but go back to school, so it happened. School happened and I probably would have been better off doing something else, but what's done is done and I'm moving on now. No reason to wallow in self pity for having ruined another chance at improving my record. Oopsie Daisy.

Work happened. I use the past tense in reference to work because we Census Bureau employees worked too quickly; we worked ourselves right out of work and right about now I am unemployed, just like I was a month ago.

Housing happened. After …

Sunburns, dog attack.

I knocked on the door; no barking, no sign warning of the dog, and even quiet conversation for a moment-- until that little shit came shooting through her legs and attacked my knees. I tried to remain professional, but as the dog kept trying to bite my ankles, scratched some serious marks on my legs, growled and yapped and generally pissed me off, I'm pretty sure I muttered some curse words. And because this dog was so keen on using my lower body as his new chew toy, the lady had a hard time getting him off of me. I waved goodbye as I ran down the front steps.

Bah humbug. One more reason I hate little dogs. No worries, a few red marks but no blood. Did I say that I hate little dogs? It all goes back to that one semester living in a random apartment with some random people, and the girl with the little dog that urinated and defecated frequently on our living room carpet. It's the lingering smell of animal urine and feces really turned me off. Next time someone suggests I should …

On being employed.

Knock. Knock.

"Hello, my name is Amanda and I'm working with the US Census Bureau. I'm here to update our maps and address lists and would like to confirm..."

Work seems to be going well despite Mother Nature's efforts to thwart my money earning endeavors. Heavy, wet snow is visiting the valley today after a couple days of serious rain. The grass is spring green and the white slush is not sticking so well-- in fact, it seems that it all melted, ran downhill, and accumulated into a massive lake over what used to be my front lawn and sidewalk. When I got home from some afternoon street walking I couldn't help but jump smack dab in the middle, effectively soaking my lower half.

Overall, I think I'm going to enjoy this. 35ish hours of walking every week, checking out sweet homes (old and new) and architectural details (such as the nice pillars and heavy wooden door with the sweet inlaid stained glass), and noting social phenomenons. Turns out a LOT of people hav…

Denied, again.

Rising health care costs, pre-existing conditions, and unemployment are all reasons one might be denied health coverage and no person is really exempt. Of course, some are better off than others. For some interesting views and good listening, check out this NPR episode about health care and the woman's plight when it comes to securing insurance.

Women Pay The Price For Health Insurance: NPR

A recent front page article in the Salt Lake Tribune defined Utah's troubling numbers: roughly 1/3 of all residents in this state have been without coverage sometime in the past two years. Those numbers were provided by the national group Families USA, although state officials came up with a calculation far less-- only 12%. Either way, the point is clear-- too many people are without health insurance and financial burdens of visiting a doctor if one does not have coverage can be exorbitant. A basic visit to a family physician without any tests, labs, or procedures will likely cost over $100, …


The news reports of abuse & its effects seems to be increasing, or perhaps my awareness is heightened. The Abuse & Neglect in Family Context class I am taking this semester has been tough, in the sense that admitting and recognizing terrible abuses against people (especially children) actually occur, and wondering which circumstances in my life and the lives of my friends fit into those categories.

Most disturbing today were two articles:

The first, discusses a law passed in Afghanistan that legalizes the rape of a man's own wife every fourth night, as “the wife is bound to give a positive response to the sexual desires of her husband.” This law was previously overturned and re-instated to win the votes needed to influence the re-election of Afghanistan's president. The decision to deny women the right to control their own bodies is terrible, as is the promotion domestic and sexual violence.

In other news, a young girl in Brazil, age 9 years, was raped and impregnated --w…