A weaver's bio.

After my attempt to begin a knitted hat project for Carson failed because my circular needles straight busted on me, I've though about what my knitting background is and why I'm completely incapable of finishing most projects I start. My inability to finish does not prevent me from dreaming; in fact, today when I went to pick up new needles a glorious skein of yarn beckoned to me and now it's in my living room. A winter hat for myself, perhaps?

So let's look back. My mom tried to teach me to crochet when I was a kid, and just like I still roll, I tried my hardest to abandon that butterfly project. I cried, didn't get it, and she forced me to finish. I think that butterfly is tucked in her cedar chest for safekeeping now to remind me of all the hard work my little fingers did, and to remind me that I can finish anything I start.

Having abandoned crochet for many years (except for an occasional scarf), on my mom's birthday 2006 I took her out for lunch and we went to the craft store. Being the generous woman she is, she bought for me a doily book, some thread, and gave me one of her tiny metal hooks. Doilies quickly became (and still are) one of my favorite things to make. On the other hand, nearly everything I know about knitting has been learned from books, and I do have a lot of fun with it despite my ... impatience. I recently began what I hope will be a lifelong dedication to yarn spinning, and someday I'll buy that spinning wheel I cannot afford. Until then, a drop spindle it is.

So why do I keep knitting, besides the fact that it keeps my fingers busy when I'm otherwise bored? I want to be my mother's and grandmothers' legacy, an expert seamstress, designer, sweet yarn lady, thread magician, and an overall loving woman with creativity. Most of my time is still spent trying to find the patience to finish a project and my mom is still reminding me that I can do it. And my sister? She's quickly passing me up with her mad skills. This autumn and winter I plan to tackle that yarn stash like moths will soon infest it (please don't, knock on wood) and this is my last chance to transform those bundles of wool into comfortable clothing. So here's to a good beginning-- Cheers!


  1. I'm so glad you are still tapping into your creative side! It makes life so much fun and so rewarding to make something from nothing with your own two hands. I'm so proud of you and your Grandma Checketts, and great grandma White would be so impressed to see what you are accomplishing. So glad these arts are not dying off with a new generation. Thanks to you and Meisha!

  2. Sister! I am jealous of your sweet knitting skills. I am currently crocheting a hat as I facilitate a late night class. (It doesn't end until 10:30). It is coming along nicely. When can I come visit you? Fall break? After finals in December?

    Love you!


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