Spring Break

Supposedly it is Spring. The University has given us a week off to celebrate, to allow our minds to unwind or for some people, time to catch up on missed school work. Very inappropriately titled, this free time is called "Spring Break."

Yeah, right. Logan received over a foot of snow on Monday. Our neighboring town, Hyrum, had 18 inches early that afternoon (hours before the snow actually stopped). My spring plans were rudely interrupted by winter! I mean, I know it's silly of me to try and push winter out of the way and forget about it in only the second week of March-- but I swear, it's not my fault! The university said it is spring, we had warm temperatures and dry ground the week before, and now I'm just complaining about something over which I have no control. Sigh.

It's ok. I :

  • sorted through my yarn.
  • watched more movies this week than in the past 6 months combined. (Choke, There Will Be Blood, Big Fish, Stranger Than Fiction, I (heart) Huckabees)
  • am making good progress on the socks I am knitting.
  • fed cows with my younger brother.
  • bought an old polaroid camera to go with the copious amounts of expired film I bought (thanks Desert Industries).
  • shoveled the driveway and sidewalks, multiple times.
  • have slept past 6:30 am for 5 days in a row now. Next week will hurt.
  • am loving life.


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