Spring Break, continued.

Last Wednesday I summarized what I did (or didn't do) for Spring Break. Let's add to the list!

  • More movies. (Changeling-- watch it! The Women-- maybe don't watch it.)
  • More knitting of socks.
  • Spinning Night with a few ladies at our Local Yarn Store.
  • Purchased some Blue-Face Leicester roving (prepared wool), and some Superwash (treated, washable, non shrinking) Merino. I've been spinning like mad with my drop spindle. Time to upgrade from my student spindle to something with less weight and better craftsmanship.
  • Continued sleeping late, daily. This morning was painful.
  • Cooking. Failed cooking.
  • My new favorite knitting book, Knitted Lace of Estonia. Big plans for intricate shawls.
  • Visited with friends in the great SLC. Joy!
  • Went on a date, plus a few. I'm sure you're all crying for details. Muahahaha.
  • Sunday dinner, like usual. Mom's such a good cook. Played with my nephews, too!
  • Swept and mopped our muddy entryway.
  • Went for a warm bike ride. Spring temps are back.
  • Started reading A Midwife's Tale. Very interesting.
What did I not do?

  • I did not go to Denver like I hoped.
  • I did not go to New Mexico either.
  • I did not clean my room like I meant to.



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