Midlife Midwife Crisis

Current regulations state that by 2010 all Certified Nurse Midwives entering practice must attend Graduate level training and have a Master's degree in Midwifery or a similar science related field. Alright, I can handle that. Turns out that by 2015, all CNMs will be required to hold Doctorate level degrees. Writing a dissertation to deliver babies? I mean, I understand the need for in-depth education (we're talking lives at stake), but seriously, a dissertation to deliver babies? Women have been delivering babies forever!

I think I give up on the idea of being a CNM. That sounds like more than I'm willing to put in.

The direct entry midwife route... it holds more appeal to me, a gentler approach for women with low-risk pregnancies, an experience dictated by what the woman wants in an environment she chooses, not what a hospital and/or doctors demand. I've been reading, learning, and hearing more and more about the influence and control modern medicine has on our daily life, including the intense management of pregnancy and childbirth. A few books are stashed in my bag right now-- I will be sure to write my book reviews when I finish.

Quick thought: Medicine seems to be more of an industry now than a service. The great improvements that modern medicine has contributed to our current standard of life have mostly made our lives better, but I feel it's time for myself to take a step back and consider just how far their reach goes, and just how far I need or actually want it to go. Insurance, pharmaceuticals, clinics... they all have their place, I suppose. Routine exams give me peace of mind that my womanly goods are in working order, and visits to the doc when I am not well are sometimes the quickest and most efficient way to diagnose and treat an illness.

I think I could write an entire research paper on the thoughts rushing through my mind, and considering the important information I'm feeding myself, maybe I should document my findings. More for personal reasons than anything else... personal reasons that could go on to shape my career, and my future as a woman.

Random picture of the day: A snowy day at the Marsh, looking at the Wellsville Mountains with wonder.

From Spring Semester '09


  1. How frustrating.

    I've been so pleased with our midwife(s) and the huge range of services that are available for me to either choose to or not to use throughout my pregnancy and the birth of our baby. I feel happy about having found a place where I can have only what I feel is the right level of medical influence/intervention but have all of the miraculous tools of modern medicine available at moment's notice if something unexpected comes along for me or the baby.

    I'm also surprised at the very small percentage of women who choose to take advantage of the (pretty impressive) options available at our hospital and think that it's great that you're thinking about it and at least putting it out there for other people to think about.

    I'd love to talk more sometime and will definitely keep you updated on our birthing experience!


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