Arlo Guthrie; Polaroids; Beaver Mtn.

Notes: We saw Arlo Guthrie perform live at the Eccles Theater in Logan on Saturday night, and he gave us a sneak-peek in class Friday. Sweet!

The Polaroid camera & film I scored at DI has been fun.

Feeding cows with my brother Jake.
From polaroids

Big Air day at Beaver with good friends. Carson did the pond-skim... in my spandex pants. Double sweet! After a few runs down and across the ice-filled pond, the finalists did whatever they wanted. Carson's attempt at a daffy in telemark skis. Super sweet!

From polaroids


  1. To my dearest sister.

    I love these pictures. You are quite the photographer. Teach me! Throughout the day, I find myself thinking, "Mandy would be proud of me if I did this..." such as recycle, or wear a homemade piece of clothing. I hope that we will be able to be at Utah State together!

    Your Favorite Sister

  2. Looks fun! It's great seeing my spandex creation at such an interesting event and on Carson:)

    Love ya,


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