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Arlo Guthrie; Polaroids; Beaver Mtn.

Notes: We saw Arlo Guthrie perform live at the Eccles Theater in Logan on Saturday night, and he gave us a sneak-peek in class Friday. Sweet!

The Polaroid camera & film I scored at DI has been fun.

Feeding cows with my brother Jake.
From polaroids

Big Air day at Beaver with good friends. Carson did the pond-skim... in my spandex pants. Double sweet! After a few runs down and across the ice-filled pond, the finalists did whatever they wanted. Carson's attempt at a daffy in telemark skis. Super sweet!

From polaroids

An artist's rendition.

When the days were hard, we played. We poked fun.

From Project: FEMA 1768, Disaster Relief

We walked the streets, back and forth and up and down, circumventing the annoying buzz of tight office space, breathing fume-free air for a day. No bleach for us those days, only small bits of mold exposure during damage inspections, and no cramped space for 10 mentally cramped people.

Tyler and I were office duty that day. The lucky two that were not forced into a 15 passenger van first thing, but sent to the library instead, were the luckiest individuals in all of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin that day. Our brains and bodies were tired and bruised and an afternoon spent soliciting trust from wary dwellers, persuading men and women and children to let us into their mold filled homes for a quick look, sounded like heaven.

Games began quickly, entertaining us through the miles we walked. He drew my picture while taking careful step after step. Never looking down to check his feet, and never looking down to …

When life is leaving.

The house was regal. I was in an old forgotten house with a realtor. An old woman died too soon and various belongings were left out, meant to be mailed somewhere to someone that matters and someone that would care. A silk scarf, printed on it the most beautiful songbirds that I could almost hear singing when I picked it up. The smell was reminiscent of my dead great-grandmother Daisy. Reading glasses with a note, "These were my grandfather's." A half finished knitting project, a man's tie, a hanger padded with lace, all with notes about why these were important. It seemed like I had stumbled into my own house and I was the woman that wanted to remind you of my love and I was the woman with a tender heart and I was the woman that checked out too soon. And was forgotten. The dust in the home was thick and a beautiful painting laid on the floor exactly below from where it had fallen years before and the chandelier with its stained glass panes laid on the floor shattere…

Anis Mojgani; knitted skirt.

Today's thoughts:

Anis Mojgani, an award winning slam poet from New Orleans & currently living in Portland when he's not out and about performing, came to Utah State University last weekend to give us a show at the annual USU Beat Night. His words wound tales so tall and spectacular that I was frozen in my seat. I would like to share with you some of his work. He curses sometimes.

Nowhere online can I find my favorite piece of his, No. 13 on the CD I bought from him. It's not in his book either. But my second favorite piece, The Fisherman, is available for listening at his myspace music page. I feel that his background sounds/music on the myspace track is a distraction from the power and shock and soothing melody of his voice, but is beautiful nonetheless.

Check him out. It's worth your time.

Otherwise, I found another knitting project I'd like to work on....

This knitted skirt, the Saoirse Shawl by Norah Guaghan, is in the most recent issue of Interweave Knits…

On death and dying and living

An excerpt, from my journal:

My legs ache. I feel dehydrated.

I love dead and dry plants, like trees in winter. I think I will sleep in the kitchen tonight for a while. My room is so cold. I like the kitchen floor.

I don't think I believe in ghosts... but I wonder if this kitchen might have one. I fell asleep in the kitchen for a bit and now I will sleep in my room. Where did these damn flies come from? They are fat, slow, and lazy flies. It's winter. Get outta here! It smells like rice under the quilt thanks to the warm rice pack.

- 12/16/09

Today has been productive. I must have killed at last 15 flies in the apartment just now, following a bicycle ride and errands.

I wonder if any person has ever killed him or herself by laying beneath gigantic sharp icicles and having someone break them off from above so that the pointy winter death tools come flying down and impale his or her guts. Maybe this person would have asked someone to climb on the roof or maybe throw a baseball at them…

You know what they say....

Sitting in the living room, watching an episode of sunsets out the large, west facing picture window, my mom and I pinkie-promised over a nearly-finished crochet project that I mailed to her from Maryland over a year ago. "Alright, a month. I'll have it done, washed, blocked, and back here on the table by May 1st." The project smells sour, like spilled milk, a result of it being the centerpiece of a table that people of all ages use. Our littlest fingers interlock and we bounce our hands up and down. "Deal. A month"


My nine year old brother walks in with a blue elastic band, the kind typically around bunches of broccoli, wrapped tightly around his face. It digs into his cheeks and runs under his nose, above his upper lip. His top lip is puffed out with blood, shoved forward by the pressure, and somewhat resembles a reconstructed cleft. His arms are held tightly at his sides, shoulders raised in box-like form. He looks like a martian.

"Look at me…

Cycling Northern Utah from Logan

Hats off to those who have paved the way for my future rides, giving me advice about gear, routes, and specifics of various locations. Hats off to me if I complete this list by the end of the semester, and even better if pursue long trips throughout the summer. We'll see. I aim to start with short day trips to some of our local hot spots, moving on to weekend trips with camping, and up to longer tours in other parts of the state. The amount of time spent away from my bike is ridiculous as I did not cycle through the winter like planned, and I need to develop a rigorous training schedule if I'm going to do any multi-day tours soon. Keep in mind that I'm new to touring, and relatively new to serious cycling, so what seems like a long ride to me might be easy for others, and what seems mild to me might seem hard to others. It's all relative.

Troubles I foresee include the cost of purchasing needed gear (panniers-- bags that attach to my rack-- and padded shorts are crucial…

St. Patty's day

An update on the Blue Faced Leicester wool I have been spinning:

From Spring Semester '09

My second ongoing attempt at hand spinning with a drop spindle is coming along nicely. I’ve found that this prepared roving is much easier to spin than the wool I bought in fleece form and subsequently hand carded, and it helps that it is a higher quality wool. So far, it has been a very enjoyable experience. I even find myself dreaming of spinning at night, and getting intense cravings/urges to have the spindle and wool in my hands throughout the day.And the socks are fine, too. Taking a little longer than I planned. But bicycle riding and reading has filled a lot of spare time. The weather yesterday was delightful, even better today.
From Spring Semester '09
In other news, the celebrations for St. Patrick's day were a blast. As usual for a Tuesday, we started off with burgers and big dogs (mugs of beer) at the White Owl in Logan. A good group of friends gathered together, including Just…

Spring Break, continued.

Last Wednesday I summarized what I did (or didn't do) for Spring Break. Let's add to the list!

More movies. (Changeling-- watch it! The Women-- maybe don't watch it.)More knitting of socks.Spinning Night with a few ladies at our Local Yarn Store.Purchased some Blue-Face Leicester roving (prepared wool), and some Superwash (treated, washable, non shrinking) Merino. I've been spinning like mad with my drop spindle. Time to upgrade from my student spindle to something with less weight and better craftsmanship.
Continued sleeping late, daily. This morning was painful.Cooking. Failed cooking.
My new favorite knitting book, Knitted Lace of Estonia. Big plans for intricate shawls.Visited with friends in the great SLC. Joy!Went on a date, plus a few. I'm sure you're all crying for details. Muahahaha.Sunday dinner, like usual. Mom's such a good cook. Played with my nephews, too!Swept and mopped our muddy entryway.Went for a warm bike ride. Spring temps are back.Sta…

Midlife Midwife Crisis

Current regulations state that by 2010 all Certified Nurse Midwives entering practice must attend Graduate level training and have a Master's degree in Midwifery or a similar science related field. Alright, I can handle that. Turns out that by 2015, all CNMs will be required to hold Doctorate level degrees. Writing a dissertation to deliver babies? I mean, I understand the need for in-depth education (we're talking lives at stake), but seriously, a dissertation to deliver babies? Women have been delivering babies forever!

I think I give up on the idea of being a CNM. That sounds like more than I'm willing to put in.

The direct entry midwife route... it holds more appeal to me, a gentler approach for women with low-risk pregnancies, an experience dictated by what the woman wants in an environment she chooses, not what a hospital and/or doctors demand. I've been reading, learning, and hearing more and more about the influence and control modern medicine has on our daily l…

Spring Break

Supposedly it is Spring. The University has given us a week off to celebrate, to allow our minds to unwind or for some people, time to catch up on missed school work. Very inappropriately titled, this free time is called "Spring Break."

Yeah, right. Logan received over a foot of snow on Monday. Our neighboring town, Hyrum, had 18 inches early that afternoon (hours before the snow actually stopped). My spring plans were rudely interrupted by winter! I mean, I know it's silly of me to try and push winter out of the way and forget about it in only the second week of March-- but I swear, it's not my fault! The university said it is spring, we had warm temperatures and dry ground the week before, and now I'm just complaining about something over which I have no control. Sigh.

It's ok. I :

sorted through my yarn. watched more movies this week than in the past 6 months combined. (Choke, There Will Be Blood, Big Fish, Stranger Than Fiction, I (heart) Huckabees)am making…

Yarn, Wool, Needles and Hooks.

Firstly, if you are a yarnworker & unfamiliar with Ravelry, shame on you! It's only the greatest comprehensive database of yarns, patterns, and what people do with both of those things. It's also a fun networking tool.

Secondly, if you are on Ravelry, find me and let's be friends! I want to see what y'all are creating in your copious amounts of spare time.

As for me, I haven't been doing too much. I lost my mind a bit and have been unable to find the mental stamina to finish nearly anything. I mostly start something, rip it out, start something else, and then get rid of it too. I'm finding that untangling the knots in my yarn is better for mindless work than the frustration of constantly starting and re-starting. I've jumped around between yarn projects, have been attempting to teach myself the basics of the mandolin, took a yarn spinning class, and mainly, have been going to school-- and none of them as much as I should be. I daydream far too much. Back …

Blue Skies

Caffeine is coursing through my veins and agitating my mind. Weird.