Those were the days.

Yet again, I am missing the adventure of AmeriCorps. Silly Facebook reminds me of all the great times and shows me pictures of old corps members being new team leaders and The Point looking as shabby and run-down as ever and somehow I miss living in the asbestos & lead paint filled houses. It's February. This time last year I was living the life in Perry Point, Maryland, wrapping up long weeks of Red Cross, safety, and team-building trainings and spending my evenings in house 1111 with lots of busy hands and knitting needles (both men and women).

Life feels monotonous now. The most exciting part of this week is the fact that Monday was a holiday and so my university decided to hold Monday classes on Tuesday and give me two LONG days in a row (and no snowshoeing).

Oh wait, I almost forgot! My life isn't sooo boring. I took off to Pocatello this weekend with my valentine, my roommate, her friend from Spain. We all stayed with Sara's family and basked in the greatness of Idaho. Cross Country skiing at the Mink Creek recreation area, lots of espresso in the dining room, card games (hand & foot), homemade pizza, and a yummy holiday dinner at the Grecian Key restaurant. Oh, I can't forget the Pizza bombs from Goody's and a fun drive to and from the great state of Idaho. Oh, Oh! And I cannot forget the beautiful antique mandolin Sara's mom is lending to me for a few weeks...

My yarn spinning class is pretty great (I'm behind on my spinning homework) and my school classes are just fine (I'm behind on other homework, too). Exam tomorrow, three next week. I need to concentrate.

Despite the frigid cold temperatures and slick snow and icy conditions in Logan right now, I'm dreaming about my summer plans. Leave the country? Work hard and make some money? Bag the idea of living in Logan, canning veggies and riding my bike for a new and exciting AmeriCorps program in some other city that sounds a bit more appealing? I'm not sure how much longer I can last in this town... it's great here, it is. But everywhere else sounds pretty great and I'm not much closer to a degree than when I started here back in '04. Muahahaha. Restless me oh my.

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  1. aye, cap'n! yeah for asbestos-filled houses, adventurous spirits, and idaho! i need to visit you in logan, and cross the state line before you take off on your next adventure...


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