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Those were the days.

Yet again, I am missing the adventure of AmeriCorps. Silly Facebook reminds me of all the great times and shows me pictures of old corps members being new team leaders and The Point looking as shabby and run-down as ever and somehow I miss living in the asbestos & lead paint filled houses. It's February. This time last year I was living the life in Perry Point, Maryland, wrapping up long weeks of Red Cross, safety, and team-building trainings and spending my evenings in house 1111 with lots of busy hands and knitting needles (both men and women).

Life feels monotonous now. The most exciting part of this week is the fact that Monday was a holiday and so my university decided to hold Monday classes on Tuesday and give me two LONG days in a row (and no snowshoeing).

Oh wait, I almost forgot! My life isn't sooo boring. I took off to Pocatello this weekend with my valentine, my roommate, her friend from Spain. We all stayed with Sara's family and basked in the greatness of Id…

Fantasies and Fairy Tales

We start life dreaming of a fairy tale. We have a few blunders in our teen years, work through them, and now here we are at 20some years old. Now we think we have had our fair share of romance related trials, and we are ready to meet someone great to share our lives with. We have a few more blunders, we get jaded, and eventually, we reach a breaking point. We get sick of searching for that someone, and latch on to the next person to come around. Regardless if they are really a good match for you or not.And you go through life happy...I mean... the person is nice enough...the relationship has no real fire, andIt's far from the Fairy Tale you dreamed of as a child and young adult.But, you know, she/he isnt abusive or anything, so we don't complain. More Importantly.... We start life as Idealists. We dream of being ballerinas, and firemen and doctors and actors, world savers. We get into our early-mid 20s and we face real life for the first time and get FREAKED OUT. Woaah! You …

Meow, Meow.

I need to card my wool by the time class comes on Thursday.... uh oh. I don't have my own tools to do this & my schedule doesn't line up very well to allow me hand-card it in the store. Good luck to me!

Right now I am fantasizing about purchasing:

Hand CardersDrum CarderSpinning WheelPolaroid CameraSpeakers for the laptop/IpodBone Knitting Needles
** Last week I bought a pair of Rosewood needles-- glorious. My usual needles of choice have been bamboo.