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Yarn, bicycles, etc.

Oh my little Tiny Spicy, won't you smile your warm sunshine forever?

As much as I love snow, I'm really disliking winter in Logan this time around. We had our first ice storms (very reminiscent of the east coast), multiple days of rain, and today some heavy slush that is not the most fun to slog through as I walk about town. Perhaps I should hop on my bike and remind myself that I'm better than any inclement weather.

Ah, a story forgotten and now to be shared: Around the second week of December a heavy snow storm came through Logan and dumped what seemed to be a foot in a single day. We had day and days of fluffy white stuff and the snowplows had a hard time keeping up. Thinking it would be better to avoid being in a car, I radically hopped on my bike and pushed through anything in my way. Pedaling to North Logan to help Britney plant lettuce in a hoop-house (farm research for her graduate studies), I encountered many surprised faces but few obstacles. I also found that cutt…


Life changes so fast, and today I remembered AmeriCorps like it was some dream that had slipped from my mind. That whole year was just a vortex-- a black hole existing in some other universe, a blip in my existence. Strangely, that blip is a highlight in my life and a mysterious memory that I'm afraid will slip away. I want it back. I want to return to the bubble where service is everything, where $30 dollars a week is fine for food, where friendships happen without effort, and where I contently lose track of the outside world.

The sun rises late in the winter and cold stings my knuckles if I forget my mittens on my way up to campus. Class at 7:30 every morning has altered my sleeping schedule and I enjoy having so many great hours in my day.

Abuse and Neglect in the Family Context
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