Mr. Tanzania takes the prize!

The Mr. & Ms. International pageant at Utah State University is always a highlight of the diversity USU has in its international student population, and Friday night's performances were no exception. Among the competitors, my favorites were: Mr. Tanzania (of course!), Ms. India (beautiful dance), Ms. Dominican Republic (flashy dance), & Mr. India (great drumming).

In the end Mr. Tanzania and Ms. India took the titles of Mr. & Ms. International student 2008, and I am very happy for them both.

I made reference in my last entry about performing with Kenneth on a very last-minute plan, but it worked out fine with only a couple minor hitches. Considering that we choreographed the dance Tuesday night and only practiced twice more together after that, I think we are lucky and worked well as a team to pull it together in time. Momentarily I regretted my decision when I saw the amazing dances by other performers... but I knew the focus would be on Kenneth and not myself, so I felt ok. It was fun after all.

Now I am sitting at my parents' house and trying not to be overwhelmed by the intense amount of CRAP that I possess. To think that I downsized before leaving is ridiculous-- I still have bags and baskets of clothes (and this isn't even the beginning of it all, I still need to go to my storage unit). When I settled into a house not long ago I invested in a LOT to really make it home, including all the essentials (furniture, accessories, appliances) I wanted for a bedroom, living room, bathroom, and kitchen. I think the only things I am lacking in furnishings are a dish rack and a vacuum, neither of which I care so much for... and a few major appliances which I never really want to own. Well, maybe a washing machine would be cool.

Anyhow, I'm moving into an apartment, but only for a month, so I'm trying to decide what's most important for me to take. I have decided that all arts, craft, sewing & yarn work supplies will come as I am jobless for the next while & need productive work to fill my time. Bedding will also come. I think I'm leaving the big bed and just taking a twin mattress... but the desk will join me as I need somewhere to sew. And some books & a big basket of clothes. Sounds good? Sure.

I'm so excited to officially live somewhere! Maybe I will start the apartment/house hunt for the spring semester once I figure out when I am coming back to school.


  1. I've been thinking about you a lot, sitting home at your parents house. You and Kylie should get together and do something because I know she is bored out of her mind and maybe you two could think of something wonderful to do together. (She is at our parent's house too)

  2. Lovely pics :) And congrats to Mr. Tanzania!


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