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Mr. Tanzania takes the prize!

The Mr. & Ms. International pageant at Utah State University is always a highlight of the diversity USU has in its international student population, and Friday night's performances were no exception. Among the competitors, my favorites were: Mr. Tanzania (of course!), Ms. India (beautiful dance), Ms. Dominican Republic (flashy dance), & Mr. India (great drumming).

In the end Mr. Tanzania and Ms. India took the titles of Mr. & Ms. International student 2008, and I am very happy for them both.

I made reference in my last entry about performing with Kenneth on a very last-minute plan, but it worked out fine with only a couple minor hitches. Considering that we choreographed the dance Tuesday night and only practiced twice more together after that, I think we are lucky and worked well as a team to pull it together in time. Momentarily I regretted my decision when I saw the amazing dances by other performers... but I knew the focus would be on Kenneth and not myself, so I fel…

Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Truth be told, I am far form being a god if my total cleanliness is actually a factor. But, I did put a bit of time and elbow grease into scrubbing out my mom's refrigerator. This is the only productive thing I have done since returning to Utah (one week now).

I am a complete bum. Honestly, I am not transitioning well back into my old life and I'm not sure that I want to revamp it and try to experience it new. I'm lonely without the team, those darn people with whom I spent 24 hours per day (working, cooking, laughing, philosophizing). Sitting on campus and watching groomed students hustle to and from classes, stopping only for a quick conversation or cup of coffee, has reminded me how different this life is. I'm not taking classes. I'm not expanding my mind. I'm not even waking up and doing something good for myself OR the world. I need to do something.

Coming off a year-long high is rough-- is withdrawal from a lifestyle possible? This reminds me of the terribl…

A storm's a brewin'.

The end is near.

Frantically I am searching online job posts, volunteer websites, various low-cost travel opportunities and harassing local good-works agencies, but for what?! To continue the overwhelming drone of life?

Of course!

Usually the buzz and hum of my busy days are not felt negatively, only lately with the pressure to find employment or commitment of some sort do I get tired of seeking my next adventure. To all I want to say: Give to me whatever life sends my way! I am curious what endeavor will tickle my toes next at the upcoming juncture, the end of my AmeriCorps NCCC experience and transition back to normal life.

Normal: Having just looked up the technical definition of this word, I am caught off guard by it's reference to sanity. Normal essentially means 3 things (according to Merriam-Webster): ordinary, sane & typical.

By all means, my AmeriCorps lifestyle has been anything but normal. Typical lifestyles are reserved for those people with 9-5 jobs, steady housing, an…