What is a life worth living if not for freedom and love and joy? The ability to choose one's own destiny and create a fulfilling reality is a dream we all desire. If my heart begs for love and my mind thirsts for knowledge, and if my body and soul wish to experience life as a beautiful gift, mustn't I feel obliged to feed these wholesome longings before succumbing to worldly ways?

Finding myself torn between submitting to the expectations in life that society demands from me, in contrast to turning away to further seek the deeper happiness I am beginning to grasp, continuing a fastidious search through experience is a most logical (if not acceptable) plan that I surely would regret if I delay for long.

At stake lies my happiness.

Possibilities abound and my interests are as many as the chances I have to expand on my meager knowledge. I can go almost anywhere and do almost anything, albeit with small funds and potentially very little support, and it is this understanding that pushes me further into my seemingly endless wandering. I am searching for some sort of enlightenment, an understanding of how I can take all of my many dreams and bring them together to form my future-- and in some way partner my wishes with those of a like-minded individual with whom I may share the reaped rewards of our collective labor.

For now, I focus on myself. Low lays a fear that I will forever remain narrow-minded enough to believe in marriage or commitment or ever-lasting love when I cannot be positive this exists in the manner I imagine it. I am a selfish individual. Someday, I expect (and hope) this will change.


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