Moving to Mexico.

Dear friends and family,

I will be home (Utah) on November 13. Wahoo!

Plans upon returning include: loving my family, gathering with friends, downsizing personal possessions, and (hopefully) interviewing for a few jobs that I have in mind in Southern Utah, Colorado & Arizona. Originally I had planned to return to school in the spring however I'm not quite ready for that kind of lifestyle change from restless wandering to steady commitment. Maybe fall semester.

Next summer (according to plans) I will be living in Mexico for 1-3 months, dependent upon the job I have during the spring, and working on an organic farm & sweat lodge while helping create traditional music instruments, eating vegetarian meals & learning Spanish.

Plans must be documented lest I forget the importance of goals. Please life, take me places that will build my body, mind & spirit.


  1. are one busy girl!! Your life sounds so adventurous and fun!!!


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