to myself.

Dear Amanda,

These are aspects of my life in which I find joy. Best of luck in the future with fulfilling your dreams.

Knitting, sewing, crocheting, cooking, organizing, gardening, canning.
Conversation, talk radio, learning (school/personal), new activities, travel, listening, reading, writing.
Family, girl friends, lovers, community, diversity, children.
Water, dirt, mountains, rivers, trees, tall grass, farm land, lakes/ponds/oceans, shade, sunshine, wind, the smell of alfalfa.
Bicycles, long drives, quiet walks, spandex, swimming, dance, nudity.
Tea, morning, skin, smiles, vision, dreams, scent, dresses, laughter, love, fresh produce.

I celebrate life daily. I have the desire to disappear from the radar for a while, hide in the shadows of great mountains and great people, reflecting on the work I have done and finding meaning of what is ahead. How can my life be better? What is fulfillment?

Fantasy Land: My dreams & goals.

Give birth (2x or less, due to overpopulation)
-Breast feed
Have love. Give love.
Live in mountains.
Build a small cottage.
-With a large garden.
-With sheep, cattle, goats, chickens, llama.
Finish my undergraduate work.
Live/travel abroad.
Fluency in 3+ languages.
Live simply.
-With few belongings.
Improve & Maintain health.
Feel beautiful. Always.
Dance. Forever.
Cycle touring.
Hike Mt. Timpanogas.
Lose hunger.
-feel satisfaction.
Meditate. Stretch.
Never stop learning.
Be free.
-appreciate freedom
Observe others.
Explore Culture.
Embrace death.
-Understand life.
Celebrate nudity.
-from addictions
-from insecurities
Debt free.
-Save money.
Value the elderly.
-Care for my parents when they age.
-To myself, and others.
Realism and Optimism.
Master New Skills
-raise animals
-slaughter animals

This list is ever-growing and changing. Some of these I attempt to incorporate into my lifestyle currently, others I dream of and some I hope to pursue in the near future.


  1. I have enjoyed your recent posts as-of-late. They illuminate when things feel wrought and rained on (for me), but they remind me to look further on...


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