Criminal Upset

Driving down the back road on my way home from the high school, I was eating an intoxicating cheeseburger. The brakes cut out in my car and I was dodging oncoming cars and swerving all over the road! When I came to the 4 way intersection at Riverside there was a stoplight, which I ran because I could not stop, and I shot quickly through the hole in traffic. As I traveled forward I checked back to see if Police were on my tail but soon became too drowsy to drive. I was drugged by the cheeseburger, and this was the reason for my concern about the police.

The dream changed and I was walking along the canal road trying to find work for my older brother who apparently was going back to school. I saw familiar trucks on the dirt bank and old farmers out in the field. I came upon a laboratory for agricultural research. Both Dusty John and Dane Hess were working there and I grabbed some welding gear and headed to my brother's house. When I arrived my sister-in-law was awkward, told me that she and my brother were separated and handed my nephew to me while I searched the freezer for cleaning supplies. I started crying because I was upset and my nephew started crying because he didn't know me.


I woke up crying. These dreams have been so intense.

On the subject of sleepy reactions to food, did I ever tell you the story about sushi on the corner of 4th? I suppose not...

On a warm summer/autumn evening nearly a year ago, Britney, Bill and myself headed downtown (from the Island) for dinner at Happy Sushi on the corner of 4th North and Main. We ate and drank to our hearts content and immediately after paying for our food and leaving the restaurant I became drowsy-- so drowsy that I was too tired to even stand and I demanded a few minutes to rest. Brit & Bill obliged and sat graciously with me as I fell suddenly into a deep sleep. The three of us had plans to swing by the liquor store for some good beer and have an enjoyable bike ride home, but those plans were delayed as I slept and slept on the grass. Bill tried to wake me, but when rousing I physically could not handle it and fell into sleep again. Eventually Britney left, but Bill stayed until he was finally able to wake me. For nearly an entire hour I laid dead asleep in a small patch of grass at one of the busiest intersections of downtown Logan.

That isn't the only time food has had such an effect on me. I would say it happens around once a month.


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