I leave Jackson, MS tomorrow to begin my road trip to Morgantown, West Virginia. We'll drive 7 hours tomorrow, stay the night in Knoxville, Tennessee, and then finish up our trek on Saturday. I'm excited to get out of this hotel and into my new, temporary, life.

Morgantown, oh Morgantown, how glad I am to meet you! I've missed my bicycle so much since leaving Utah and look forward to pedaling around the hills of West Virginia. There's a cool used bike shop near where we will be working and I'm going to try and get a deal and bring back my favorite activity. While in Morgantown we will be living at a Boy Scout Camp! Rumor is that we may move into town for part of the project but we'll see.

Our project consists of 3 different organizations and areas of work.
  1. Greater Morgantown Area Youth Commission: Working the the Youth Council to build a Teen center where the youth can socialize. We will be doing actual construction on the interior of a building they've already acquired, plus putting in a basketball court and outdoor rec area in the empty lot out back.
  2. United Way Youth Volunteer Connection: Blue and Goldmine Rummage Sale! We will be organizing and executing a giant rummage sale of the goods leftover from student housing at West Virginia University. Last year they collected over 30 tons of items, including 51 couches. More than 75 % of the items were sold and the rest donated to local organizations.
  3. Friends of Decker Creek: Our plans with this group have changed because they lost their funding for an outdoor classroom we were scheduled to build. In addition to the stream monitoring we were planning on doing, we will now be restoring wetlands or something of the sort? Environmental work. With hippies. YES!

I'm excited about our upcoming project but probably will not be blogging much. Unless I purchase a new laptop my internet use will be limited to borrowing someone else's or using my team leader's when we get into town and find some wi-fi. For now, Adios!


  1. I hope you have a fantastic time in Morgantown... I visited that area when I was a senior in high school and I loved it! The area is so beautiful and the people are wonderful...

  2. Environmental Projects are THE SHIT. And by the way, stop stressing out about life after AmeriCorps... You have over 6 months left and you're already stressing over the after math? Take it easy--it will fall into place. And yes, after NCCC, Utah is really friggin dull. On the plus side, however, you can use that knowledge as motivation to get done with school as fast as possible and get the hell out (I took 19 credits last semester and 17 the semester before + the GRE + tutoring + Doing supplemental instruction for soc and deductive logic...Damn near killed me, but I'm almost positive that I would have spontaneously combusted if I had to spend another year in Utah. Long story short: the crappiness of Utah can be used to your advantage!)


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