Packing light.

We were told we need to pack light for our travel and I was wondering what I would get rid of if need be. Turns out I probably won't have to get rid of anything... my laundry was stolen! At least that seems to be the current situation-- the bag is gone from the laundry room and only 3 AmeriCorps shirts were left behind. Missing items include: Blue AmeriCorps backpack/laundry bag, 1 pair AmeriPants, 1 pair jeans, 2 towels, 1 AmeriHoodie, many underwear and socks (nearly all of mine), 2 sponsor shirts, Bob Ross T-Shirt, plus more. I wonder if my favorite spandex PT pants were in the bag... I hope not.

They are merely belongings and I will be fine without them, but now I have to buy new underwear and socks! I was trying to save money. And I have no sweatshirt to wear in uniform :(


  1. Hi Mandy!! I am sorry your stuff got stolen. I wish I could take you to the DI and buy you some funky used clothes, ha ha.... Really - I miss ya!! Keep your chin up and it will get better. I enjoy reading your ramblings, they are great. Good luck on your adventure this comeing week. Love ya!!!! Dad


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