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AmeriCorps NCCC has proven itself a valuable part of my life so far and I'm nervous and excited to see what the next 6.5 months have in store for me.

Nearly the entire Perry Point corps is here in Jackson, Mississippi for transition week, a time during which we debrief staff on our recent project, present a portfolio of our accomplishments, brief the staff on our upcoming project, and receive additional training in our specialty roles. Including corps members, team leaders, and staff, AmeriCorps has roughly 300 people staying in one big hotel. We eat here, we have meetings here, we socialize here, and we're getting all of our information organized. It's hectic and fun and I feel sorry for the non-AmeriCorps affiliated guests at the hotel. The insanity we bring with us is just too much!

You know, there's something about sleeping in a hotel room that makes me homesick. I'm not sure I've ever slept in an establishment like this and not had that tumultous feeling i…


It's 12:30 am right now and I should be sleeping, packing, showering or cleaning, and instead I am thinking back to the fun memories I have here in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Man-made beachesDirect descendants from slavery, and their storiesChildren"Vegetarian? I think I'm allergic to that!""Why's that fruit dried all up in there?""You ain't no gangsta! My mama say you white folk can't be gangstas."Miss Amanda, Amantha, Samanda, Samantha, Savannah, Amy, Britney\"You're from the west? I want to go to the west!" "Why can't I come with you?""I love you.""Why did you quit vegetarian? How much do you get paid for vegetarian?""Where were you? I don't do good when you're gone.""Can I keep the knitting needles?""I done made me a goal!"
BunksSister, Sister, Sister, Sister.Dancing. Laughing.Steve, cleaning the grill, music too loud.My nemesis and his peanut butter.Walk…

Packing light.

We were told we need to pack light for our travel and I was wondering what I would get rid of if need be. Turns out I probably won't have to get rid of anything... my laundry was stolen! At least that seems to be the current situation-- the bag is gone from the laundry room and only 3 AmeriCorps shirts were left behind. Missing items include: Blue AmeriCorps backpack/laundry bag, 1 pair AmeriPants, 1 pair jeans, 2 towels, 1 AmeriHoodie, many underwear and socks (nearly all of mine), 2 sponsor shirts, Bob Ross T-Shirt, plus more. I wonder if my favorite spandex PT pants were in the bag... I hope not.

They are merely belongings and I will be fine without them, but now I have to buy new underwear and socks! I was trying to save money. And I have no sweatshirt to wear in uniform :(


The end is getting closer. Tomorrow is my last day in the schools and we leave from Mississippi on Sunday morning. I am not ready!

Our morning at the Alternative School was rough today; some of the students were more disagreeable than usual and because of their violent outbursts the school had to go into lock-down (meaning all classroom doors and outside gates locked) until the Principal and School Officer came into the room. I guess I may never have mentioned that our classroom is special because we work with the more aggressive kids in the school. With the school year ending and Testing beginning, they are aggravated easily and are still learning to take care of their anger in an appropriate manner. I like the classroom mantra about choices: Ignore, Walk Away, or Tell an Adult. Unfortunately that doesn't always happen and some of them end up being restrained or put into time-out so they can't harm others or themselves. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the situations and I wish…

Tears of love?

I cried tonight and haven't felt this broken hearted in a over a year.

Forgive me for not blogging; life here in Biloxi, Mississippi has been crazy for me. I don't remember what day I came to this place. Every day seems long and full to me but when I reflect back to what I've done and realize that I'm leaving here in a week, time seems to have flown faster than physically possible. 4.5 weeks is not nearly long enough to be here.

I haven't even told you all about my "regular" assignment at Hands On! During the mornings I go to an Alternative School for k-12 students with behavioral problems, and it so happens that a few of the students also have learning disabilities. I'm always working the javascript:void(0)same classroom with the same 9 boys, grades 2-7 I think and we spend most of our time in one-on-one tutoring in different subject areas, although we also have snack time in the morning, go out to play sports and have free time together, and sit toget…

Vegetarian? I think I'm allergic to that...

Biloxi, Mississippi is a wonderful place to be. Two weeks to the day I have spent here in this city, getting an intimate look into lives of school children, visiting the beach, walking the same sidewalks to work, and (illegally) exploring an abandoned golf course.