No case of the Mondays here!

Today was a fantastic day. Hands On Gulf Coast has been overwhelmed with volunteers for the past month and as a result were worn out and tired. They took today off, but because it's not an approved AmeriCorps day off we still had to get to work, and work we did! We went to a park called Turkey Creek and worked on green space development. Some of our team works green space every day and this was our chance to participate in their activities.

Upon arriving we were told that our plans to reinforce the banks of the creek/river were canceled and instead we would be turning soil and planting trees. They (maybe Turkey Creek, or maybe Hands On) received a donation of something like 9,000 trees and they all need to be planted and cared for until the fall. They got the tractor running, put shovels and rakes in our hands and we got right to work! Oh wait, not true. First we went on a little walk/tour through the trails in the park, along the river bed, across the bridge, through the trees, etc. We got to see two turtles mating! :) W hen we finally got to work I was planting partners with Amy. Nothing terribly exciting, rather repetitive, but we cracked a lot of jokes and made our work fun. Dig the shovel in, wiggle it around, make a small crack big enough for a tiny tree and kaboom! Planted!

At noon we took our lunch break and I was happy with what I packed: Poppy Seed bagel sandwich with garlic and basil pesto, mushrooms, tomato, and sprouts. Throw in a side of saltine crackers, carrots and an apple and be ready for pleasure of the stomach. Our team is eating vegetarian for a week to get a taste for the eating choices of our teammate Christy. I think it's great that we are supporting her and I hope our teammates realize that meat is not an essential for healthy OR tasty meals. I walked down to the Winn Dixie (grocery store) for some goods last night in preparation... we pack lunches every day and I HATE peanut butter.

Anyhow, after lunch we switched jobs and spent the rest of the afternoon raking roots out of the soil in one field, and then moving to a newly plowed field and sorting out roots and turning the soil with shovels. It was hard work...

I realize these last few blogs haven't been terribly introspective but it's hard to force it out. I think all day long about social injustices that people in this world face, the limitless opportunities with which I am presented, and the greatness of life in general and I get worn out before I find a computer with which I can post. I promise to try and write more now that I have regular access to computers.

PS. I got a power surge on my laptop. I fried it. Not sure if it's ruined forever but I give up. Between the virus I've been fighting and these new problems, I think I'll just mail it home and deal with trying to get my files off it later. IT doesn't even turn on now. Ha.


  1. I just BARELY realized that you NEVER got an invite to my blog! SORRY!! I thought that I sent you one.
    We actually started a NEW blog, but thats a whole NOTHER story1

  2. Mandy I'm so proud of all of your hard work and service. I love that feeling of working so hard physically and dropping wherever you are at the end of the day. I helped Camilla move yesterday and ran up and down her stairs a gazillion times. Sounds like you're good at listening and understanding children. I think you have experience with that. Love Aunt Connie


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