I'm here!

I have quite a bit to write about now that I'm here in Biloxi and finally getting settled in, but I am only able to sit here at this computer for a short break during breakfast. I need to make my lunch and get ready to head out to the school. :)

Yes, I think I will be working in a school. I can't be positive about that yet. More to come later.

Our fire deployment was awesome. I've been promising pictures and once I find a reliable computer to connect to I'll upload some. Bad news, my computer is still in a sad, sad infected and unusable state. AND my camera lens won't retract, meaning the P.O.S is unusable until I send it in to Canon or take it apart and try and fix it myself. Don't expect any new pictures of Biloxi unless I suck it up and buy a new camera or get this one fixed. I give up on electronics.

PS. I woke up before my alarm this morning because the birds were having wars of song outside my tent. Wonderful start to my day!


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