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No case of the Mondays here!

Today was a fantastic day. Hands On Gulf Coast has been overwhelmed with volunteers for the past month and as a result were worn out and tired. They took today off, but because it's not an approved AmeriCorps day off we still had to get to work, and work we did! We went to a park called Turkey Creek and worked on green space development. Some of our team works green space every day and this was our chance to participate in their activities.

Upon arriving we were told that our plans to reinforce the banks of the creek/river were canceled and instead we would be turning soil and planting trees. They (maybe Turkey Creek, or maybe Hands On) received a donation of something like 9,000 trees and they all need to be planted and cared for until the fall. They got the tractor running, put shovels and rakes in our hands and we got right to work! Oh wait, not true. First we went on a little walk/tour through the trails in the park, along the river bed, across the bridge, through the trees, et…

School is in session!

My day started with snooze. Because I'm working education I have the freedom to sleep in a bit longer than everyone else-- I don't start work until 9 am. I ate raisin bran for breakfast, drank a bunch of water and knitted a few rows of the scarf I've been working on lately.
Knitting has become a serious passion. While at Blackwater I spent a lot of time knitting and even purchased myself a great book titled Super Stitches Knitting. Aunti K, you would be so proud of how far I've come since the beginning of that dish rag. I've taught myself everything I know from books and I'm happy. With every project I learn more and this book presents many opportunities for me to experiment with different patterns, styles, and types of knitting. It's an easy way for me to try new stuff without getting frustrated. I still love to crochet doilies, and knitting is quickly catching up. I had no idea it could be this great!Following breakfast a small group of us (4 NCCC'ers)…

I'm here!

I have quite a bit to write about now that I'm here in Biloxi and finally getting settled in, but I am only able to sit here at this computer for a short break during breakfast. I need to make my lunch and get ready to head out to the school. :)

Yes, I think I will be working in a school. I can't be positive about that yet. More to come later.

Our fire deployment was awesome. I've been promising pictures and once I find a reliable computer to connect to I'll upload some. Bad news, my computer is still in a sad, sad infected and unusable state. AND my camera lens won't retract, meaning the P.O.S is unusable until I send it in to Canon or take it apart and try and fix it myself. Don't expect any new pictures of Biloxi unless I suck it up and buy a new camera or get this one fixed. I give up on electronics.

PS. I woke up before my alarm this morning because the birds were having wars of song outside my tent. Wonderful start to my day!


I should have been blogging all along but I've been so busy loving life that I've neglected all my blog responsibilities. Goodness, so much has happened and I'm limited on time. I'll see what i can churn out. By the way, we were inducted as official members of AmeriCorps NCCC members last Friday. I want to write about how great the ceremony and speakers were, but maybe later when I have more time.

I was all sorts of psyched for my spike project; we have been preparing ourselves for this for weeks. My team, Eagle 4, had our "briefing" today, presenting our project research to staff and leaders. Within our regular teams we each have specialty roles, and mine are:

CAP (Corps Ambassador Program) Representative, essentially a cheerleader for NCCC. My job is to get out there and let people know how great this program is and find recruits to join us in future years. New campuses will be opening this year, Iowa in July and Mississippi in January, in addition to the 3 r…

Temp re-assignment.

This just in-- I am being deployed on the first fire crew! While my team is all busy driving to Biloxi and beginning work there, I will be receiving additional fire fighter training and working on prescribed burns at Blackwater Refuge for a couple weeks.

More info soon, but I gotta jet! I have so much to do before we leave in the morning.